Contemporary apartment designed for the one who want get simple life

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With limited space, the owner tends to install few furniture items that may have more than one function. Looking for an apartment design that fit with children is a must, especially when you already have children. You need apartment that decorated for kids too. Usually it is done through reducing certain area to be used for kid’s room.

Let us see this apartment design that utilize each inches to be used for functional nook. He owner has two daughters. So, he decides to use one area for some nooks. With this way, he can decor a contemporary apartment that kids=friendly.

The living space is done with white sofa to show bright and airy room. The owner also adds a rectangular rug under the white coffee table for a touch of modern look. Then, green plants under the lamps are perfectly mind-blowing.

You are allowed to design modern dining room though with small space. Like this dining space with modern bulbs lighting. Even, this area is located by window but at night you still need additional lighting. The modern chairs work elegantly with white round table.

A small apartment needs bright color to look large. So, this cooking space is done with light colored wooden cabinet. Furthermore, it has kitchen island with stone surface and three beautiful stools for breakfast nook.

The master bedroom is decorated with neutral touch but elegant. With light-colored wood, this area looks comfy and sleek. You can see a platform bed with lights underneath that sophisticated. Then, the window is also done with shutters to keep your privacy.

Surprisingly, this small apartment provides an area for kids to play as well. They can bring their dolls, toys, or other stuffs. So, they need not to play outside. This area is enough for them to share anything together.

Kids’ bedroom also done with modern design that looks that efficient. It has comfy bed with plenty storage underneath. So, the owner doesn’t have to install cabinet to store kid’s clothes, shoes, and or other stuffs. Pay attention to the lighting that real eye-catching!

A space by window is used for home office nook with some furniture items with vibrant colors. See the curtain with orange hue and three box with different colors and sizes under the floating desk are cute.

We talk about sleek and minimalist bathroom with white granite. Then two mirrors reflect the light for lamps to create bright bathroom.

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