Cohesive Colour Themes, Archways And Exposed Wooden Beams

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Building a cohesive colour scheme throughout the entire home evokes feelings of comforting constancy, and a solid sense of belonging from room to room. This type of interior can include a variety of accent colours that appear in varying quantities over different spaces. Tonal changes make added layers and avoid rigidity in the scheme. Let us guide you on a tour of two beautiful home interiors that each follow one cohesive colour theme throughout. We’ll also explore the added beauty of rustic wooden ceilings in each place, and look at how classic exposed wooden beams, archways, brickwork and stonework create dramatic contrast with more modern decor elements.

Visualizer: Matas Nagele  

Instant warmth exudes from this 84 square metre apartment interior in Kaunas, Lithuania. An autumnal palette of red, brown, and gold feels welcoming and snug despite the room’s lofty proportions. A golden brown modern sofa beds down in front of an exposed red brick wall with a beautiful arch that is original to the architecture.

A matching golden brown footstool jostles for floor space alongside gold nesting coffee tables. A gold picture light is mounted into the brick archway to highlight some modern art.

Huge ceiling beams cut down into the surrounding white walls, their weight and depth of colour combating the effect of the great ceiling height. Enormous and highly decorative pendant lights make the most of the wide open vertical space.

A gold decorative mirror makes a dramatic backdrop for the dining room chandelier. A round dining table echoes the mirrors shape, and spherical decanters fill the tabletop.

Curvaceous red-brown dining chairs encircle the wooden round dining table, on top of a circular brown area rug. Each layer of the dining arrangement employs a shade from the same colour family, but the tonal difference builds added interest and depth.

Sandwiched between the dark wooden ceiling and rich brown floor elements, the middle section of the room is kept predominantly white to preserve a bright and airy atmosphere. In line with this, the pendant lights hanging within this mid section are either white or clear. Unique kitchen pendant lights line up along the dining bar with clear shades that are a smaller version of the lounge light.

Exposed red brickwork frames the two arched windows. Taupe curtains pull into the space between the windows, theatrically framing a piece of wall art. The art draws attention to both the colour theme in this home and to the underlying circular shape theme, which is evident in the dining room arrangement, curved furniture choices and lighting designs.

The kitchen bar stools at the peninsula match the ruddy upholstery and golden framework of the regular dining chairs. Wood flooring has been laid diagonally across the open plan room to increase the sense of space.

A mature indoor plant explodes from a tall plant stand just inside the home entryway.

Glass sliding doors pull closed across the foyer to keep the living room contained and cosy.

Marbled wall panelling creates abstract layering behind a half circle headboard and a gold swing arm wall lamp in the bedroom.

Wooden elements bring added depth.

The second bedroom scheme is layered with a gold mirrored strip, which balances out a low hanging bedroom pendant light and a wooden archway of bookshelves on the opposite side of the bed.

A long wooden desk spans the remaining width of the room, matched by a wood desk chair.

A wooden media cabinet mirrors the tone on the other side of the room.

Designer: Image Box Studios   Visualizer: Image Box Studios  

Our second tour takes place in a spacious luxury apartment, located in Hamburg, Germany.

Blue accents add rich colour to a neutral scheme of natural materials.

Architectural archways are a prominent feature of the living room. One of these are filled with natural stonework, and edged with light teal to contrast.

The apartment has a simple elegance thats sits somewhere between classical and contemporary, with heavy wooden beams looking down upon sleek linear lounge furniture.

Decorative vases top a marble coffee table, where grey veins colour coordinate with the pale grey sofa.

A blue swivel accent chair links with the colour filled arches in the room.

There is a reading nook just outside the living room doorway.

This is a unique space in the home in that it is the only area where blue accents have been replaced–switched out in favour of a bright red chaise lounge chair. However, there is a pale blue floor reading lamp to redress the balance.

A couple of nesting tables complete the arrangement.

Double doors provide a grand entrance to a blue and gold kitchen design.

Three unique kitchen pendant lights shine in gold above a gold kitchen island.

Deep teal painted cabinets cover the back wall of the room, creating a noble colour palette.

Wood chevron flooring runs throughout the majority of the apartment, balancing out the effects of the solid woodtone ceiling. A hard wearing concrete floor has been laid in the kitchen work zone.

Teal cabinet doors colour the back of the gold kitchen island.

A gold kitchen tap and sink add luxe to the concrete worktop.

Blue panelling forms the headboard in the master bedroom.

Blue bedroom chairs and a small side table make a comfy seating area by the window.

An impressive archway leads into a walk-in wardrobe, furnished with teal closets.

Gold bedside cabinets lustre on each side of the bed.

More blue wainscot colours the bedroom TV wall, behind a golden media unit.

Golden fixtures bejewel the bathroom.

Concrete counters top a teal vanity.

A stool adds a pop of pale blue by the tub.

An elegant sputnik chandelier hangs between the solid wooden ceiling beams.

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