Can a Bathroom be Charming?

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'Before' Bathroom - definitely not charming!
The word for today is 'charming'. ¬†And that's a pretty big goal ūüėā. ¬†The bathroom we found in this house wasn't remotely charming - oddly placed shower that created lots of dead space, tired vanity, one light fixture (with pull chain) and no electrical outlets. ¬†I'd like the updated bathroom to reflect its vintage past, but also work well for the new owners.

How to do that?  I went back and looked at a bathroom we did in another bungalow in 2014.  It took its cues from an American Standard advertisement for a 'Sanitary Bathroom', which was a huge trend in the 1920's, about the time this house was built (click here to see the story about Sanitary Bathrooms).  Gleaming white, easy to clean fixtures were the name of the game.   I'd like to do something similar for this bathroom (but not a clawfoot tub, most buyers prefer a tub/shower combination).

2014 SoPo Cottage Bungalow Project

But fixing this bathroom isn't just a cosmetic makeover.  We had to gut the bathroom, move the door, and replace all of the plumbing and electrical.  Best of all, we decided to eliminate the steam radiator (which freed up a huge amount of space) and replace it with an electric baseboard.  This lets us add a BIG storage closet - and seriously, who doesn't want more storage in an old house!!

I'm thinking about a classic hexagonal floor.  I've pinned a dozen of them on Pinterest, but like this one the best.  It's not too busy, but still reflects a vintage style.  Sadly, I can't find a pre-made black and white tile anywhere - everything is out of stock.  So I'm going to have to make my own. Yikes!  It's a bit daunting and I'm sure I'll regret it as I spend hours on my hands and knees figuring out where the black tiles should be placed, but it will give the room that vintage style I'm going for.

What else?  Well, I'm going to use the same sink as the last bungalow.  I love its graceful curves and antique styling.  But since it doesn't provide any storage space, I'll include a built in cabinet for lots of storage.

The sink wall will be wallpapered in this paper.  It's a very subtle pattern, but I love it!

Finally, we'll install a classic white tub with crisp white subway tile with a bit of black as an accent.

So what do you think?  Will it be charming?

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