Best Towel Bar to Keep Your Towels Dry and Within Reach

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A tasteful towel bar adds that velvety touch to bathroom walls mounting on which the elegance of bathroom decor elevates the succeeding dimension. Drying towels is at the core, though not the only function of a towel bar. And a super dry towel is the last thing that refreshes the inner you through wiping the outer personnel.

This article will help you to choose the best towel bar for the bathroom or kitchen. It will let you know which things you should consider before buying it and what users have said using the best towel bars available in the market.

Editors Choice
BOPai 24 inch Vacuum Suction Cup Towel Bar,Removeable Shower Mat Rod Shower Door Adhesive Towel Bar...
Double Bar
Moen DN7722BN Lounge Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Double Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel
Folding Arm
KES Towel Holder Swing Out Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Hand Towel Rack 4-Bar Folding...
BOPai 24 inch Vacuum Suction Cup Towel Bar,Removeable Shower Mat Rod Shower Door Adhesive Towel Bar...
Moen DN7722BN Lounge Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Double Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel
KES Towel Holder Swing Out Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Hand Towel Rack 4-Bar Folding...
Editors Choice
BOPai 24 inch Vacuum Suction Cup Towel Bar,Removeable Shower Mat Rod Shower Door Adhesive Towel Bar...
BOPai 24 inch Vacuum Suction Cup Towel Bar,Removeable Shower Mat Rod Shower Door Adhesive Towel Bar...
Double Bar
Moen DN7722BN Lounge Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Double Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel
Moen DN7722BN Lounge Collection 24-Inch Bathroom Double Towel Bar, Brushed Nickel
Folding Arm
KES Towel Holder Swing Out Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Hand Towel Rack 4-Bar Folding...
KES Towel Holder Swing Out Towel Bar SUS 304 Stainless Steel Bathroom Hand Towel Rack 4-Bar Folding...

Best Towel Bar Reviews in 2021

Best Towel Bar
Towel Bar in Action

Here we’re suggesting you some of the top-tier towel bars for bathroom available in the market.

1. Moen DN8418BN Preston 18-inch Bathroom Towel Bar

This towel bar is available in 2 different finishes, comes with mounting hardware and a guided template which will be very helpful for an easy and quick installation. The bar is long enough to give you the scope of hanging towels and washed clothes. You can mount it to any flat surface, bathroom wall, sheetrock walls or wood door.

With an easy installation process, it mounts properly to the surface. It is durable and sturdy and won’t fall off the wall in day to day use. The package comes with a paper template and with that, you can determine where to drill the holes. 

The mounting screw also comes with wall anchors so you can mount it where you want. You can install it yourself and all the drilling instruments work properly.

You can choose any of the two finishes according to the decor of your bathroom. Its brushed nickel and chrome finish resist corrosion and gives an attractive look. The brushed nickel finish is very modern looking and will match nicely with your bathroom. The chrome finish will be appropriate if you want a cleaner and mirror-like look.

An 18” wide bar can easily fit 2 normal sized hand towels side by side if they are folded. You can spread out your hand towel so that it dries.

The bar is inexpensive but looks good and shiny. It stays fresh and classic for years. The users have appreciated its durable and good condition even after a couple of years.

However, there are a few complaints about it. The customers have no complaints about its finish, size or price. They claim that it is flimsy and doesn’t stay put, rolls around the sockets of the holders. 

Actually, the bar is very light and slides around when a towel is slid off it and makes a metal-metal noise. The rolling causes towels to fall off easily. Putting some glue on the ends can stop it from rolling.

2. Best Double Towel Bar – The Moen Lounge 24-inch

This bar is beautiful and practical design offers enough space to hang multiple towels (up to 4 towels) washed clothes etc. You can keep wet and dry towels in different bars. You can install it on any flat surface, on the wall, or behind the bathroom door. 

Mounting hardware and templates are provided with it. The template supplied in the instructions makes the installation a breeze. It’s metal mounting posts help it to be mounted stably to the surface.

It’s brushed nickel finish doesn’t corrode or rust. The finish gives it a warm look of stainless. After all, it is strong and can hold heavy towels.

It is pretty sturdy if you install properly. But the provided anchors are very cheap. You should use your own. Some users have some issues with installation. They have found a problem in installing it on drywall (it would be fine on wood). But most of the users have found the installation easy.

The bars are too close together to use the back one easily. So keeping thick folded towels on each bar won’t work very well. 1 inch more space between the two bars would make it perfect.

Some users have claimed that the rods are not secure and move back and forth and sometimes fall off the wall. Perhaps 4 towels are too heavy for it. And the crossbars which are plastics squeak as they turn when removing a towel.

This is an item that you change once and want to last for several years. A user has expressed his disappointment in breaking the joint connecting the neck to the wall which causes the bar to disable for use.

3. Best Towel Rack for Drying – JQK Double Bath Towel Bar

They who want a longer towel bar for their bath sheets and long towels can buy it without any hesitation. 33” inch (30” usable) long and double towel bar. It is space-saving. Also good looking as the other expensive toilet bars at a fraction of their cost.

Installation hardware and guide are provided with it. And the installation process is very easy. There are enough gaps between the two bars but still, it is compact. You can organize your bunched towel in this compact bar. 

Supports well the weight of two wet towels. Enough space for easy drying (not folded)  two thick bath towels. Sturdy and don’t fall off the wall.

The premium quality stainless steel protects it from corrosion and rust in the damp environment of the bathroom. Low-quality stainless steels corrode and rust easily in such an environment.

The users have some claims. It is not handy to use both bars. The front one needs to be lowered a bit. When you try to hang towels on both bars, it will be a little tight.

The round pieces that attach to the wall aren’t straight making it not level with the wall. And the round towel bars cause towels to slip off. You may need to buy a molly to secure it properly to the wall.

The screw mounts provided with the product can not cut the sheet rocks. And the provided anchors are very cheap and break. You should use extra screws and anchors.

4. Franklin Brass Kinla 18 Inch Towel Bar

A basic towel bar that is very handy and works great on smaller bath doors. Good looking with decent quality and price. Easy installation with a simple drill and a hex wrench. It comes with a guide sheet for where to put in the screws. It will match with your other bathroom accessories perfectly.

If you want to install it on a hollow door, you have to buy a special anchor. The provided anchors are designed for walls with at least ½” thickness. The hollow doors are about 1/8” thick. The product is about half the price of anything similar to a brick and mortar store.

Among the negative sides of the product, the bar doesn’t tighten or stay in place. It spins. So the towel may fall off often. 

You may need additional tools to tighten so that the bar doesn’t stay loose against the surface. A very few users have not liked the design.

5. KES 12 Inch SUS 304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Towel Bar

Easy, functional, and good looking type 304 premium grade stainless steel kitchen towel bar can be a useful product for your kitchen when you have a limited space for a hand towel bar. It fits easily in your kitchen cabinet.

It’s stainless steel body and added chromium/ Nickel content protect it from corrosion and rust in the damp environment of the kitchen or bathroom and enhance durability. And the brushed finish gives it an attractive look. 

12-inch hanger perfectly holds 2 folder towels. You can hang it even on a very narrow wall. It is solid and attaches to the wall with 4 screws. It is heavyweight, not flimsy, and can hold the KIEENIX hand towels well. You can also keep paper towels on the bar.

The bar doesn’t rotate and the brushed stainless steel is slip-resistant. You can use it in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or closets.  The installation hardware provided with the product is of good quality.  

The installation will not take more than 10 minutes. All screws and anchors provided are of good quality and the screws are concealed that give it a more clean and attractive look. The 2 screws on one side hit the stud perfectly but the other 2 screws support drywall only.

It may seem a bit pricey for a 12-inch towel bar but actually, it is worth the money. Some users have suggested that it needs to have better instructions on how to install it. The little drawing is more confusing than instructive. 

6. KES Swivel Towel Bar

For those who need to keep 4 or more towels in the bathroom and let them dry after the shower. It is perfect where there is not enough room for a regular towel rack. It is a very sturdy product and can hold large, thick dry or wet towels. 

You can keep washed towels without folding them and can leave the arms spread out after your shower so the towels can dry for reuse. The bar has a tip in the end which avoids the towels from slipping away and it stays in place wherever I put them.

Fits against the wall and takes up a very small room. Construction and finish are also very good. It comes in one piece so no assembling is needed. You only need to locate a single vertical stud to mount it. 

Without a stud, you may risk an eventual hole in your hall. Use longer screws than those supplied to attach it securely into the wall studs. The best part is that you can fold the 180° rotatable bars flat against the wall when you don’t need it and angle it again when it is needed.

It is functional, not very decorative like the conventional ones. The price is very reasonable. But there is no installation guide. There is another issue that arms are not quite long enough for large unfolded bath towels like Turkish style towels.

7. BOPAI 24 Inch Vacuum Suction Cap Towel Bar

A solution that doesn’t require drilling. Best for them who are not handy in drilling or don’t want to drill a hole to their wall. It is removable and reusable. The appearance is elegant, it is well made and sturdy. You can expect it to last for a long time.

The bar fits 2 washed towels or cloths folded in half or one open and one folded. It has a T-bar/crossbar so that 2 items can be hung on each end. It doesn’t detach or loosen under the weight of wet towels.

Save your wall and no tool is needed for installing. Place the suction cup against the surface location, press it firmly against that surface, lock it into place and this will make a firm placement. If you choose incorrectly, flip the switchback, reposition it, press into place and then flip the switch again.

The rack adhered perfectly to the wall. But you have to make sure that you install it on a clean wall. You can also mount it on the bathroom door. The suction cap is water and moisture-proof.

The light plastic bar has a very shiny surface that looks like polished metal. The rack is very light and pretty. You can mount it on the front of your fridge. Again if your bathroom mirror leaves no room for a hand towel rack, you can place it in the mirror. The rubber ends really solve the problem of falling towels.

There are some reviews saying that it doesn’t work on drywall or surface, but those reviews are not entirely correct. The product comes with two 3M adhesive-backed round discs that can be used to mount the towel bar to the rougher surface like drywall.

Another customer has said that suction works only when you use a sticky pad with it. The provided pad sticks to his drywall. But it is ok with a smooth surface like glass or tile. But the suction comes to lose every few months. Another problem is that the 3M adhesive disk leaves the scratch on the wall.

8. Design House 533026 Millbridge 24-inch Towel Bar, Polished Chrome

Design House 533026 Millbridge 24-inch Towel Bar, Polished Chrome

This is one of the best towel bars by Design House, measuring 24 inches. It is made of zinc and aluminum with a polished chrome finish. The squared edges and sleek design are perfect for accommodating medium and large towels. The standard mount and other accessories are included to help you install the bar. You can place it on a wall or a door; the included template should help with the right positioning. This towel bar looks great with other hardware and fixtures from the Millbridge collection – so it is a good choice if you already have the brand’s bathroom fixtures.

There were some complaints that the package did not come with a template or instructions. The anchors are also quite brittle and do not help much to mount the bar. You might end up using your own screws if the given anchors do not work.

9. Amazon Basics AB-BR810-OR, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Traditional Bathroom Towel Bar, 18 Inch, 18-inch

Amazon Basics AB-BR810-OR, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Traditional Bathroom Towel Bar, 18 Inch, 18-inch

This is a single-rod towel bar design from Amazon Basics. It has a durable oil-rubbed bronze base with a black bar. The 20.5-inch towel bar supports 22 lbs. of weight and comes with all the mounting hardware. You will need a 1/8-inch slotted screwdriver – it is not included in the package. The modern style is also available in classic and standard options, different sizes, and sleek finishes. Once installed correctly, the bar is quite sturdy to use and has a good quality that lasts long.

It can be a little difficult to install the bar. The template is either not available or not very helpful for quick installation, so some guesswork might be necessary.

10. Amazon Basics AB-BR817-SN Bathroom Hardware Set, 5 Piece, Satin Nickel

Amazon Basics AB-BR817-SN Bathroom Hardware Set, 5 Piece, Satin Nickel

This 5-piece set from Amazon Basics has got to be on our list of best towel bars. It includes all the main hardware you will need in a bathroom: a 24-inch towel bar, an 18-inch towel bar, a towel ring, a standard toilet paper holder, and a robe hook. All the pieces are made of durable zinc alloy with a satin nickel finish that gives the complete set a very cohesive look once mounted. The supported weight range is 11-22 lbs. This set comes with the required mounting hardware – except for a 1/8-inch slotted screwdriver. It makes a great choice for bathroom remodels to help you update the interior with matching towel bars and accessories.

Some customers complained about receiving an incomplete set. There were also issues with color differences, and the included template was not very useful for installing the multipiece set easily.

11. Amazon Basics Double-T Hand Towel and Accessories Stand, Nickel/White

Amazon Basics Double-T Hand Towel and Accessories Stand, Nickel/White

Another product from Amazon Basics – and it is, without doubt, one of the best countertop towel bars that cannot be ignored. First of all, its freestanding design is very stylish and contemporary, does not require any tools whatsoever, and simply looks great on both kitchen and bathroom countertops. If you are looking for something different for your towels, then this towel bar stand works perfectly for a change, especially in remodeling projects. It includes brushed nickel, double T-bars suitable for small towel types such as hand towels, dishcloths, and facecloths. They have rounded tips to prevent the towels from sliding off. The base has a very compact footprint and is quite stable to hold the bars in place and prevent toppling. Overall, we like this towel bar stand’s organized and aesthetic appeal in modern interiors.

The only room for improvement would be in the base design. Since it is completely flat, it gathers water underneath and does not allow for quick drying. Some customers used DIY hacks with adhesive bumpers to solve this problem and give the base some distance from the countertop.

12. Pfister BTB-DA2B Deckard Towel Bar, 24″, Matte Black

Pfister BTB-DA2B Deckard Towel Bar, 24

Pfister towel bar measures 24 inches and has an all-metal, matte black finish. The squared profile color and design coordinate well with the brand’s Deckard collection of bathroom faucets and fixtures. If you already have Deckard products or intend to buy the whole collection for your bathroom remodel, then this towel bar is a must-have. Its installation easily hides the screws and other hardware, so this gives the bar a very seamless look. All the required mounting accessories and instructions are included.

The bar actually rattles each time the towel is removed or replaced. It might need some DIY fixes with silicone or tapes to prevent the rattling sound. Pfister towel bar is also very expensive compared to other single-rod options.

13. Symmons 673TB-24 Identity 24 in. Wall-Mounted Towel Bar in Polished Chrome

Symmons 673TB-24 Identity 24 in. Wall-Mounted Towel Bar in Polished Chrome

Symmons towel bar measures 24 inches and is made of stainless steel and brass with a polished chrome finish – so it definitely checks the box for durability. It can hold between 24-50 lbs. of weight depending on the type of anchors you use. You can hang multiple towels on this extra-long and sturdy towel bar. The package includes the required accessories to mount the bar securely. You will also find the template and instructions on its link.

Sadly, the included accessories are not very reliable for a successful installation. You might need to use your own hardware to mount the bar.

14. 19″ Bath Double Towel Bar with Hooks – Stainless Steel Tube Bathroom Towel Holder, No Drill Wall Mount Towel Rack


G-Tree’s towel bar design is stylish, functional, and most importantly, self-adhesive! If you are not good with tools or have a grumpy landlord who prohibits drilling the walls, you will find the adhesive caps of this bar easy to install and friendly on the walls. It is a great option for both kitchens and bathrooms. There are 2 bars and 2 side hooks for efficient storage and organization. If used in the kitchen, you can hang dishrags on the bars, hang brushes on the hooks, and even balance a pot lid on the inner bar. In the bathroom, the bars provide ample space for multiple towels, and you can hang a loofah and a blow dryer on each hook. The set is made of stainless steel and ABS and measures 48.5cm. Its durable construction keeps it safe from rust.

Because of the adhesive sticker caps, it is recommended to install this bar only on smooth, flat surfaces like tile, glass, and stainless steel. So, this is not the right towel bar for you if you have wallpapers or painted walls in your kitchen or bathroom.

15. Gatco 1541 Double Towel Rack with Chrome Finish

Gatco 1541 Double Towel Rack with Chrome Finish

This is one of the best towel bar racks with a hotel-style design. It is made by Gatco and is compatible with tiles and drywall. The chrome or satin nickel finish pairs well with other Gatco bathroom products and fixtures – a huge plus if you already own Gatco collections.  The towel bar rack is compact (20 inches wide) and can fit small spaces. You can organize clean towel rolls on the rack and hang the ones in use on the bars below.

It is a very functional and spacious design for both kitchens and bathrooms, so you can hang your shower towels and bathrobes in bathrooms or handcloths and dishrags in the kitchen. The rack also makes a great addition to your RV for space-saving organization. Its sturdy construction supports a 30-pound weight capacity, which also includes heavy, drenched towels! Gatco’s towel bar design is popular for guest bathrooms as it can hold a complete set of guest towels.

One major limitation is that the rack’s wall mounts can catch rust easily. Its installation can also be very time-consuming.

16. Moen YB2894BN Eva Collection 26-Inch Wide Bathroom Hotel-Style Towel Shelf, Brushed Nickel

Moen YB2894BN Eva Collection 26-Inch Wide Bathroom Hotel-Style Towel Shelf, Brushed Nickel

This is another hotel-style towel bar rack – just with a more stylish and curved profile. Its brushed nickel color looks perfect in any bathroom interior. The overall design provides generous towel storage in its 26-inch layout and easy access wherever you install the shelf. Its tapered finishes match Moen’s Eva collection of faucets and other hardware, so that is a useful tip if you are planning a bathroom makeover. The product comes with a template and all the required mounting hardware.

While this towel bar rack ticks the boxes for functionality and visuals, it can be tough to install for DIY users. It is also very expensive compared to other rack-style towel bars.

17. iDesign York Over the Bathroom Shower Door Bath Towel Bar with Hooks – Bronze

iDesign York Over the Bathroom Shower Door Bath Towel Bar with Hooks - Bronze

If you are absolutely tired of using tools, drilling machines, and confusing templates, then iDesign has the smartest alternative for you. This over-the-door towel bar is a refreshing change from all wall-mounted and countertop towel bars. It is ideal for holding all lengths of towels like handcloths and beach towels. You just need to mount the brackets over a bathroom door/shower door with up to 2″ thickness. It has one towel bar and two side hooks, so you can always hang loofahs, clothes, and other accessories on them. The overall steel construction measures 18.5″ x 6.5″ 12.5″ and has a rustproof bronze finish with ceramic knobs. It makes a stylish and unique option for guest bathrooms. The best part is that the mounting brackets fit most doors and shower enclosures without obstructing the frame.

You might need to add a padded buffer between the brackets and the door/glass to prevent scratches. Since the whole product hangs high up on the door, it is only easily accessible to tall people.

How to Choose the Best Towel Bar?

It cannot be said which will be the best towel holder for you without knowing the reason why you are buying it and how you want to use it. There are hundreds of towel bars that will fit the decor of any bathroom. However, from our towel bar reviews, you will likely be able to pick the perfect one for your need.


You can choose a large towel bar or a small one considering the size of your bathroom. So, if your bathroom is not so spacious, a small-sized towel bar that can be mounted to the wall is what you should go for. According to availability, 18” and 24” sized towel bars rank at the top. 

18” ones are specially built for hand towels. In order to use it for the bath towels you would need to fold the towel in half. Obviously, that’s not a recommendation for heavy fabric microfiber towels. If you want to dry your washed towels unfolded, 24” will be the best size for you.

The double towel bars will hold up to 4 folded towels. Swivel towel racks are for those who want to keep and dry unfolded 4 or more towels. The towels can be dried easily because you can move the bars to any angle. They get enough space to dry up. You can push them out of the way when you don’t need them.


If you don’t want to drill holes into your wall you can opt for an adhesive towel bar. But if you have enough space to keep a free-standing towel rack it would be more suitable for you. This is movable and can be placed anywhere. In this case, there are some towel bars with a storage shelf which will be more convenient.

Towel bar attached to the bathroom vanity can be a great solution for saving space. You can also attach the towel bar behind the door of your bathroom. It will then avoid your sight. But you have to consider the size so that you can open and close the door easily.


These are bars and at most can reform to rings that hold towels. So, surely the part of decoration to expect from it falls in quite a narrow range. Yet you’ll find options out of glossier and rougher textures, extending and flat flush rod joints and a couple of color variations. 

The wall-mounted single bar can be best for you if you like the simple and modern design. If you prefer function to looks then you can choose double bars or swivel towel bars. On a different note: We have compiled a few tips that will help you decorate your bathroom easily. 

Metal and durability

The market allows you to choose from plastic, bronze, and stainless steel towel bars. The plastic bags are cheap and classic. But they won’t provide the best of service if you tend to put more wet towels on the bars for longer periods. 

If you have all stainless steel accessories in your bathroom, you better choose a premium quality stainless steel towel bar. This will be at the same time durable and elegant. Beware, sub-standard metal can be easy to rust and corrode. You can also choose the finish you like.

Brushed nickel finish will easily match with your bathroom and the chrome finish will give a more reflective look.


Don’t buy low-quality towel bars to save your budget and yes they are buzzing around in the market. Who knows, you may have to pay twice for replacing the product! If the item isn’t far expensive for you and suits your needs perfectly it will be wise to buy it. So don’t waste your money by buying a low-quality product for which you will have to regret later.

Note: you may also like to read about an alternative to towel bar is the towel ring. Read towel ring reviews here.

People Also Ask

Q. What size towel bar should I use for my bathroom?

Ans: The most commonly available towel bar sizes are 18 inches and 24 inches. The smaller towel bars are meant for hand towels. Towel bars longer than 22 inches are sturdy enough to hold bath towels. 36-inch towels are for extra large bath towels or bath sheets.

Q. How high should I hang the towel bars from the floor?

Ans: The towel bars should be installed between 50 inches to 52 inches from the floor.

Q. Does double towel bars last long like the single ones?

Ans: Yes. Though it has to hold a more dry or wet towel than the single bar, it is made that sturdy to bear the extra weight.

Q. What are some cheap but best towel bars brands?

Ans: Here are some cheap but good towel bar manufacturers- Decko#38190 Swing Arm Kitchen Towel Rack, Moen R8718P 18 inch bathroom grab bar, Delta Faucet 79718 Cassidy 18 inch Towel Bar, Design House 539155 Millbridge Towel Bar 30 inch, mDesign Adjustable, Expandable Kitchen Over Cabinet Towel Bar Rack. So, these are some examples of best towel racks

Final Verdict

The towel bar may seem to be a minor consideration in the list of your bathroom decoration, but it can change the appearance of your bathroom and unknowingly it reveals your zest to others. 

Thus it is not just a piece of metal or plastic that you can buy carelessly without giving a thought. Rather you should consciously choose best towel bar that will be convenient as well as an aesthetic addition to your bathroom.

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