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Im always excited to post, but today feels very special as Ive partnered with Jolie Organic to share some of my favorites for Black Friday. I went through my beauty cabinet and bathroom to pick what I already use and enjoy. Not only this is a compilation of green/eco beauty favorites, but theyre also on sale for TODAY only. For your convenience Ive also linked the sale categories and products by brand. If you choose to use the affiliate links I will earn a tiny commission for supporting this blog. Have fun!

*Paid partnership with Jolie Organic. All thoughts are honest and my own.
Earlier PR samples are marked with an asterisk (*). This post uses ad links to support this blog.

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Jolie Black Friday Sale Categories

This time the sale is by brands, except for the 50% OFF which has a variety of green beauty products. I recommend going through this category first to see if there is anything you need! Ive heard theyll put up selected items from Kora Organics and Korento Cheek&Lip tints! Other categories:

40% OFF:


30% OFF:

Neal's Yard Remedies

20% OFF:

Ohm Collection
Alima Pure

You can also shop Jolie Black Friday Sales at the Jolie Shop Punavuori, Jolie Shop Kmp Galleria and Jolie Spa & Shop in Museokatu. Only valid this Friday!

Next my picks and favorites!

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Black Friday Suggestions: 40% OFF Mdara

Mdara Plant Stem Cell Antioxidant Sunscreen SPF30

Mdara is one of my favorite green beauty brands and 40% off is a very significant sale. I try to avoid purchasing backups but this time Id consider getting some staples like your favorite serum or SPF. Mdara SPF30 for face and body has been my favorite sunscreen this year, I think Ive gone through three tubes. I just ran out of my tube so no pictures.. The texture is thicker, moisturizing but doesnt feel heavy on the skin after it absorbs. I use it for my face, but since the tube is large and inexpensive Ive tossed it in my bag in the Summer and use for body when needed. Works for body and hands as well!

Mdara Grow Volume Shampoo* and Grow Volume Conditioner*

Im always on the hunt for natural, strengthening shampoos and conditioners that I can share with my partner. Mdaras Shampoo and Conditioner make the hair easy to manage while chanterelle mushrooms boost hair growth. Ive talked about the importance of regular washing of scalp in order to boost hair growth and health and Mdara is an excellent budget choice. It gets bonus points that the Conditioner bottle is made of bio-degradable sugar plastic.

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Mdara Lip Balm Plum Plum* and Hemp Hemp*

Other staples from Mdara is their lip balms. Theyre not goopy or heavily scented but provide instant relief and hydration to the lips. Plump Plum has the tiniest pink hue to make lips look even juicier while Hemp Hemp is more unisex and used by my boyfriend as well. These lip balms nourish without just coating the lips with a thick balm. More about my favorite lip balms in this post.

Mdara Comforting Toner*

This toner is my daily saviour when my skin is dry or compromised from acids or retinols. Sometimes I crave for a less active toner and something that just softens and calms the skin. The bottle is huge and lasts long, I dont need to be too stingy with application. The Comforting Toner is especially good for dehydrated skin with calming chamomile. It refreshes and prepares the skin for other products, works for me in every situation.

Mdara Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Mask* and Re:gene Volume Rebuild Lifting Mask*

Mdara makes some cosmetically elegant, gentle masks. My favorites are the charcoal and anti-ageing masks. They wont dry out my skin and can be used several times a week for a 10 minute pick-me-up. The Anti-Pollution Charcoal & Mud Mask gently purifies the skin if your skin feels dull and murky. Good for all skin types especially if youve been out and about in the polluted city for the whole day.

The Re:gene mask is for more mature skin types, but also if you feel your skin is lackluster and lost some of its firmness. This mask has a slight lifting effect, but doesnt feel tight. This mask has Nordic berry amino acids, hyaluronic acid, pampering oils and birch juice.

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

30% off: Whamisa

Organic Flowers Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++

This sunscreen is my latest obsession since Ive been looking for an eco beauty alternative to my Innisfree SPF50. I reach for Whamisa Organic Flowers Sun Cream SPF50+ PA++++ when I feel I need higher coverage than I get with Mdara, although Id say they are both equally good. With Whamisa you get less product, but its still moisturizing and a higher SPF. I recommend massaging the product into your skin before applying makeup. Its also ONLY Zinc Oxide which makes it environmentally friendly, bio-degradable and skin safe! A winner in my book.

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

Organic Flowers Peeling Finger Mitt (Moisture Care)*

These peeling mitts are designed for dry skin, they are like pre-soaked cotton pads except easier to apply. Sometimes I even share or re-use a pad by using the other, clean side. Theyre fully soaked in the peeling essence and lactobacillus filtrate. The effect is potent yet gentle exfoliation, so no other peels are needed needed in my opinion. Also available for oily skin and pore care version.

Organic Flowers Eye Essence*

This eye cream is a newer discovery for me, Ive used on evenings when my (under) eye area has felt especially dehydrated. I try to get into eye creams and rotate between a treatment, moisturizer and then this essence which is one of the lightest yet instantly hydrating. It nourishes with murumuru and shea butters while having root extracts and Whamisas fermented ingredients. I doubt this will make wrinkles to disappear but can soften their look by plumping the skin.

I also like: Whamisa Essence Toner (deep rich) and Whamisa BB Pact (review here)

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

30% off: Evolve Beauty

Evolve Organic Beauty is a beautiful English indie brand Ive grown to love and their price point is very reasonable.

Evolve Cotton Fresh Cream Deodorant*

This is one of my favorite eco deodorants among Ben&Anna. Evolves is packed in a convenient glass jar thats easy to recycle and there is no fear that the packaging or the product would get damaged in travel. I just scoop out a bit and massage it into my armpits. There is a faint scent, but Id call it unisex and barely noticeable. There is baking soda that prevents me from sweating or smelling during the day, which is excellent. Liking this a lot.

Evolve Gentle Cleansing Melt*

You can read my full review here, but in a nutshell Evolves Gentle Cleansing Melt is a honey-texture gel that gently removes dirt and impurities from your face. I do use a different product to remove the bulk of my makeup, but Evolves Cleansing Melt makes sure there is no residue or leftover makeup on my face. Perfect for travel and morning cleanse as well. Has a faint scent of rose and vanilla. Again great price point (plus sale) for eco cleanser!

Evolve Radiant Glow Mask* and Miracle Mask*

Evolve shines when it comes to masks. I love these both, Im almost done with my jars. Radiant Glow Mask is boosted with antioxidant rich raw cacao, moisturizing sunflower seed oil, glycerin and exfoliating coconut shell powder. It removes impurities and surface dry patches gently while keeping the skin nice and moisturized. Lathers lightly to a milky texture when in contact with water.

Miracle Mask is an affordable choice for Tata Harpers Resurfacing Mask. I love this mask a lot, it looks like a mango pudding but packs a lot of punch. This has no scrubby bits but exfoliating papaya and sugar extracts for enzymatic retexturizing. Very potent and can cause a little tingle, only 5-10 minutes is enough to get your skin looking radiant!

I also love: Evolve African Orange Aromatic Body Lotion

Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina Jolie Black Friday 2019 Suggestions | Laura Loukola Beauty Blog @laurantaina

20% off: Alima Pure

Alima Pure Pure Velvet Lipstick (Odessa)*

Alima Pure is a makeup brand Ive been wanting to try more for a long while. Theyre well known for their mineral powder foundation bases and their powder eyeshadows are some of the creamiest on the eco beauty market. Their Velvet Lipsticks are a matte formula that doesnt feel too powdery or drying, but creates a long-lasting and opaque lip color. Id dare to call this Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution of eco beauty world! The color Odessa is what I have, a beautiful petal pink.

First and foremost evaluate what you need and dont spend blindly. I hope these mini reviews gave you tips what could be worth it and benefitting for you from Jolies Sale. Remember that the sale is only for today November 29, 2019! For worldwide deliveries click to Jolie Beauty. More about my general thoughts on Black Friday will follow in another post!

Do you shop on Black Friday? What would you love to try from this list?

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