An Architect Couple Turn Their Apartment Into a Venn Diagram of Iconic Design

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The renovation’s spheres of influence include Denmark, Japan, and the Bauhaus movement, resulting in a well-mannered yet bold and funky space.

Project Details:

Location: Olkusz, Poland

Architect: Furora Studio /

Photographer: ONI / @onistories

From the Architect: "Cornflowers is a 70-square-meter apartment and the home of Diana Żurek and Bartosz Girek, founders of Furora Studio. It includes an experimental space used to present their aesthetic to clients. The apartments is defined by blue colors used by artist Yves Klein, clean white tones, and walnut veneers, and was inspired by Japanese interiors, Danish design, and the Bauhaus movement.

"The original floor plan has been reconfigured to transform an unused corridor into a larger kitchen and bathroom. This zone is painted white, with a bespoke cabinet designed by the architects. In the living room and kitchenette, simple, overlapping blocks—circles, squares, semi-circles, and triangles—are arranged in a bright, puzzle-like composition. Much of the furniture in this space was designed by the architects, including metal cabinets, a chest of drawers with a fabric structure, and a table with stone supports and a glass top. These pieces are complemented by iconic Polish design pieces.

"The experimental studio has private access, and features a large table with timber rollers beneath hanging lanterns from Danish brand Oi Soi Oi. This seemingly simple space has many interesting material and color solutions, which reflect the ‘minimalistic eclecticism’ of the apartment as a whole."

Photo by Oni Studio

Photo by Oni Studio

Photo by Oni Studio

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