A home is designed based on the client’s needs

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It should be predicted well what need to install with a certain budget. The architect also has to know better what materials to use. Here we have an apartment that built for a photographer. Of course, it needs more space to display photos more than other people. Let us check out more from the pictures below about a luxurious apartment for a photographer.

For photographers, displaying photos is a must. Due to they should see what they have been caught for a certain period. Having a particular space to display photos will ease them to analyze their own works. In this space, there is a big board to pin photos and some space to hang them. What a cool room is this!

You will adore this dining space with a rectangular wooden table with grey chairs. If the owners stuck their mind or bored about life, this space will boost their mood and make them relax. The owners will get fresh air and a wonderful indoor view by eating the most delicious meals.

With an open floor layout, the kitchen, dining room, and living space share the same area. Seen here is a part of the living space with a marble tile wall and a wooden shelf under the TV. The owner uses its storage to keep anything.

No one will want to leave this space after coming. Look at the glass walls that show enchanting views outside. We love how the designer adds beautiful pendants and a sophisticated floor lamp. Wih grey seating set and shades of grey throw pillows, this space looks elegant. We still find the green wall here as well.

Here is the cooking space that is clean and sleek with a grey island. Furthermore, there are tremendous industrial lighting fixtures to enlighten this space. The cabinet is also done in a grey color that so calm and elegant.

Continue our step to the bedroom that is done in a luxurious style. Look at the platform bed with a green headboard. A sculptural piece on the side table looks fantastic. The bedding style is superb with an expensive rug underneath.

Look at the closet with splendid lighting fixtures. This area is designed as a glamour space with high-cost elements. We love the wooden floor that breaks up the deluxe feeling to appear warmer and more welcoming.

Here is the bathroom with a white bathtub and an abstract wall. Green plants inside add fresher air and natural feeling. We guarantee you will never want to leave this bathroom.


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