A Few Space-Management Clues for Small Apartments. You Will Use Every Single Inch of the Space

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As some of our apartments are smallish (to say the least), it is pretty common to run out of space there. Storage itself is usually a circus-like enterprise. We all look for some solutions and do our best to squeeze things into somewhere. We have a few hints you might not have used yet.

1. Cleaning


It is critically important to make constantly sure that we don’t keep things we no longer need. Such regular inventories will tell us what can be thrown away, given away or perhaps re-sold.
As for chemicals, cleaning agents or food supplies, checking the best-before dates helps a lot. Anything old has to be disposed of.


2. Storage

Small items should be stored inside plastic containers. Clothes you are not currently wearing ought to be kept in garbage bags; with a hoover you can easily turn them into vacuum bags.
Are you sure you really need the ironing board? It occupies so much space and you use it so rarely. Perhaps a well-protected table will do the job as well?

If you have some suitcases, never store them empty. Use them as storage containers, as long as you don’t keep the smaller suitcases inside the bigger ones.
Behind the TV fixed on the wall there is always enough room for a narrow cabinet.


3. Furniture

Sometimes it is worth buying multifunctional furniture. If there is no room for built-in furniture, perhaps at least an overhead cabinet will fit in?
Children’s bedroom is always the right place for a bunk bed. Your own bedroom must have plenty of space for shelves and cabinets near and/or around the bed.


4. Kitchen

Not even an inch of space can be wasted there. Fix additional shelves over the top or at least accessory hooks for kitchen utensils.


Use the cabinet doors to mount extra containers, for example for lids, on the inside.
Mount another cabinet over the kitchen fan if you don’t have one yet.
Use a variety of organizers for cabinets, kitchen tops, etc.
Make sure that all the space in drawers and cabinets is well organized. Perhaps a few organizing gadgets will help you save lots of space.


5. Bathroom


There is always some room for shelves around the toilet and/or the washbasin.
What about the washing machine? Is there anything above it?
You can also fix a drying rack on the walls there (the folded one takes lots of space).


6. Look around!

Maybe there are still some spots that can be developed, like this hall corner between two rooms?


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