27 Funny Job Interview Stories You Won’t Believe Are True

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Attending a job interview can be an extremely stressful experience. You want to make a great first impression on your prospective employer and show them why you are the best candidate for the position. But sometimes things can go wrong, leading to unexpectedly funny job interview stories. 

These horror stories involve everything from wardrobe malfunctions to interviewing for the wrong job. The internet is full of people offering up their worst experiences when it comes to job interviews, so we have collected some of the funniest, weirdest, and wildest stories for you to enjoy. These hilarious job interview stories remind us that even in stressful situations, humor can help to diffuse tension and make the experience a little more memorable.

27 Funny Job Interview Stories You Won’t Believe Are True

1. Change Clothes


Albina Gavrilovic/Shutterstock

“Had an interview at 2 pm downtown, and I left VERY early (at 11:45 am) because the public transportation system in the middle of the day is quite unreliable. what should have taken 25 minutes turned into a two hour saga of trying to make it to the interview on time. Both buses were 35+ minutes late, and by this time I’m panicking. I had worn shorts and brought my interview skirt in my backpack (was meeting up with friends after). finally, the second bus pulls up and I have about 15 minutes to ride the bus to my stop, get out, and run to the building. There was no other option: I had to change on the bus, which was crowded as hell because it was so far behind schedule.

I slide my skirt up over my shorts, shimmy the shorts down, maneuver into a crouched standing position to fasten my zipper on the skirt, and switch into my heels. everyone on the bus can see this happening. I’m very flustered, but at least I’ve managed to change into my professional clothes. one lady, in particular, is staring at me with CRAZY judgment in her eyes and I snap at her “WHAT” and hurry out the doors to run to the interview.

I’ve made it in time, and I’m relieved to learn that the hiring manager is running late due to the busses. I instantly relax until she walks in.. yup. guess who? TLDR; change my clothes on a public bus and yell at a woman who turns out to be the hiring manager.” – thisismyjam/Reddit

2. Misunderstanding 


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“I misunderstood the job posting, so I was answering questions like they were talking about a different job. Pretty far into the interview, I asked a question that made it obvious we weren’t talking about the same job, and the interview ended shortly after that.” – Sarahbear93/BuzzFeed

3. Car Lock



“I was interviewing a candidate when she told me she had forgotten to lock her car and asked for permission to go check on it. I said yes. She left and never came back or answered my calls.” – Neil B/Resources for Employers

4. Pubic Hair Trouble


Ground Picture/Shutterstock

“My worst job interview was my first-ever to work at an architectural firm. I carefully laid out all the drawings on my bedroom floor, put them into plastic sleeves in a portfolio, then set off. Halfway through the interview, I flipped a page to reveal a curly pubic hair stuck right in the middle of a key drawing. Nobody mentioned it, but I wasn’t offered a job.” – MobiusLoop/The Guardian

5. Middle Schoolers



“I was interviewing for a secretary position at a middle school, and the principal asked me to describe ‘a typical middle school student.’ I thought for a moment and couldn’t come up with a single positive thing to say. It was clear to both of us that I should not work with middle schoolers.” – Linds/BuzzFeed

6. Email Rejection



“I was interviewing with a manager for the role of flight attendant at an airline. Five minutes into the interview, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I checked it as soon as I left the interview – an hour later – and realized it was a rejection email from one of that company’s recruiters. I called them to see if it was a mistake – it wasn’t, they actually rejected me. I asked them why we had the interview in the first place. They couldn’t say.” – Anthony K/Resources for Employers

7. Forgotten


Africa Studio/Shutterstock

“The interviewer *forgot* me. Her assistant put me in a room and said the interviewer would be with me in a few minutes. Cut to 30 minutes later, and I was still sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I had enough and got up to leave, and as I walked out, I passed the interviewer coming in with a bag of food. We locked eyes, and I could see the realization dawn on her face when she recognized me from my CV. She tried to make an excuse, but kinda doesn’t work when she’s clutching a fresh coffee from Starbucks and a bag of food.” – ravenbard/BuzzFeed

8. Nude Photo


Roman Samborskyi/Shutterstock

“Ten years ago, I was interviewing a potential employee. His CV was perfect, education spot-on. Where he failed was attaching a full-frontal naked picture on the CV. I still hired him, but it took all my willpower to only ever look him straight in the face.” – Anonymous/The Guardian

9. Ideal Candidate 



“I was applying for an entertainment company and interviewed with the VP, a famous producer of K-pop. We were at his music studio – I was standing next to him in his ‘producing room’, listening to him talking about how great his music is and how he built the K-pop industry. At some point, he handed me the book The Devil Wears Prada and asked me if I could be exactly like the main character. I told him ‘no’ because I find a lot of her actions unnecessary. Funny thing is I was hired and he ended up being a terrible boss – exactly like ‘the devil’ in the book!” – Bora K/Resources for Employers

10. Pedicure 



“When I entered the interview room, the director had her feet on the desk – she was being given a pedicure by one of her employees. The pedicure lasted throughout our talk, during which the director said, ‘I have a condo in Florida. Every winter, I invite some of the aides down for a visit. If you’re a good boy, I might ask you.’ Being a good boy, I sought employment elsewhere.” – TLC/The Guardian

11. How To Handle Raw Chicken



“It was my first ever job interview. I was interviewing at a deli in a grocery store. The interview was going fine until the interviewer asked me how I handle raw chicken. I proceeded to explain how I handled raw chicken at home. I could see the interviewer getting more and more confused, and when I was done with my answer, he said, ‘No, I meant how do you feel about handling raw chicken? Does it bother you?’ and I realized he was asking because of the rotisserie system and not whether or not I knew how to clean up after raw meat touches a kitchen surface. I didn’t get the job, but I did learn to get clarification on questions in an interview if they’re too vague.” – torbielillies/BuzzFeed

12. Super Smash Bros. 



“I used to hang out at this camp for high schoolers I got real tight with the director. So when they started holding interviews for new employees, I signed up. I was extremely nervous. When I walked in I saw his boss there and he acted real serious about the job. I’m sweating bullets and fidgeting. I sit down with his boss and get asked the strengths and weaknesses questions. I’m stuttering over my words. He interrupted me and he said my weakness is that I suck at Smash Bros (they had smash bros at the camp) that then preceded to turn into regular conversation that we would normally have every day. His boss is just sitting there because she has no idea what we’re talking about. I ended up getting the job.” – oodlesNnoodles98/Reddit

13. Door To Door Sales



“Very young and innocent me answered an ad in the newspaper for what I now know is door-to-door sales. Clue #1 should have been when the interview was taking place in a motel room. Clue #2 (which did penetrate my teenage brain) was when they wanted to offer me a different job, and asked me to try on lingerie. I noped out of there so fast, I still have burn marks on my heels 30+ years later.” – bloodwynne

14. Crossed Legs


G-Stock Studio/Shutterstock

“My interview was going too well. Far too well. I had sat there for 55 minutes with them firing questions at me – and me firing answers right back. Their nods confirmed it: I was doing really well. I was pretty certain I had the job. They wrapped it up and stood to shake my hand. As I went to stand up myself, I realized that – for 55 minutes solid – I had sat with my legs crossed, unmoved. Needless to say, I didn’t even make it into a standing position. I crashed head-first into a filing cabinet, my legs still locked in a crossed position. I didn’t get the job.” – Anonymous/The Guardian

15. Transformers



“I had an interview for a job as an electrical engineer, specifically dealing with power systems. The interviewer asked if I would draw a transformer on the whiteboard that was in the room and explain how it works. “okay” I said, “a transformer. Do you want Optimus Prime or Megaton?”. The interviewer was old and obviously had no clue what I was talking about, so I proceeded to say my sorries, and neverminds and drew a transformer with a beat red face. I am sure that I looked pretty stupid and never ended up getting the job.” – CosmicWaffle5/Reddit

16. 0 To Pissed Off



“The interviewer seemed like she was barely paying attention. She would ask me a question then sort of stare into space until she didn’t hear my voice and then ask another question. Finally, she asked me if I have any questions for her. I asked what is a typical ‘day in the life’ of the position.

This woman went from 0 to pissed off in an instant. She ranted about candidates asking about hours worked and no one has any ambition. She was red in the face and there was spittle flying. As soon as I could get a word in I explained my question (which was not about starting and end times) and she calmed down as fast as she got angry and answered my question. I left after that and sat in my car for a few minutes trying to figure out what just happened.” – Onid8870/Reddit

17. Receptionist Job



“I was just out of college and having a hard time figuring out exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but just needed a job to make money in the meantime. So, I interviewed for a receptionist job at a therapist’s office. I interviewed with the actual therapist himself, and it was so strange. He spent most of the interview telling me about him and his wife and how they made their marriage work, and also asked if I was married (which you definitely are not supposed to ask) and proceeded to give me all this unsolicited advice on it. I walked out like WTF just happened? Obviously, didn’t take that job.” – samantham46531ff01/BuzzFeed

18. Huge Booger 



“Huge booger shot right out my nose as I exhaled. Both interviewers saw it and poorly pretended not to notice. I spent the next 20 minutes trying to evenly divide my eye contact among both interviewers while locating the ballistic booger which was somewhere between my nose and the floor. Never found it but I got the job.” – Anonymous/Reddit

19. Stationary Cupboard


Lin Xiu Xiu/Shutterstock

“I interviewed a very nervous chap who had a terrible interview. It was embarrassing for all concerned, really. He got up to leave the room and by accident opened the wrong door – walked right into the stationary cupboard. The panel sat waiting for him to emerge, and when he didn’t, my colleague went to investigate. The poor man was so mortified by what had happened, he was trying to climb out the window rather than go back in.” – missusmiawallace/The Guardian

20. No Passing Gas



“I interviewed at a veterinary clinic that did not disclose in their ad that the job was more of an ‘internship’ rather than an associate position, meaning they intended to pay minimum wage for a veterinarian position. While interviewing me, the owner said, ‘Everything you do will be supervised: You will not make medical decisions without my approval, and you will not pass gas without permission.'” It was a hard pass.” – catsforeverbabiesnever/Reddit

21. Bathrobe


Taras Grebinets/Shutterstock

“A few years ago, I was looking for a job while I was still doing my degree. One of the interviews I was called to was a PA job for a famous shipowner. The interview was at his house because he had his office there too. I hadn’t completed my studies then and he could see that on my CV. Yet, he started asking me ‘Why are you still on your BSc?’ ‘Are you wasting my time?’ ‘You are not qualified for this job, you don’t have any other work experience,’ I told him that he was the one to call me and that he should have looked at my resume before he did. I yelled at him that I don’t take insults from anybody and left. Did I tell you he was wearing just a bathrobe the whole time?” – Anonymous/Resources for Employers

22. Funny Name



“I went in for an interview, the supervisor shook my hand and introduced himself. Then I laughed at his name right in front of him…. still got the job 😀 His name was Kim Crapper. Hehehehe, still makes me giggle.” – thegreatshandini/Reddit

23. Low Blood Sugar



“I was applying for a job as an educational aide at a preschool for kids with developmental disabilities. I had eaten a bagel before the interview to get something in my stomach as I was nervous. The lead teacher took me around the playground and different classrooms in the school. As we get to the older classroom, I am starting to feel dizzy. The next thing I know, I am laid out on one of the nap mats. I had passed out, likely due to low blood sugar. The lead teacher gave me a cup of juice and a snack. I thought there was no way in hell that I would get the job, but a few days later, I was offered the position.

Later, I asked the teacher why she hired me. She said that after I came to on the mat and had some juice and food, I looked at her and said, “So, tell me more about your program” and asked good questions. She said that anyone who can keep their shit together through something like that has what it takes to work with special needs kids.”  – sarahs48c39f5ba/BuzzFeed

24. Odd Stockings



“I left really early for an interview and got dressed in half-light. When I entered the room, I sat down and crossed my legs, only to find that I had one black and one blue stocking. I was mortified – thought I’d styled it out. After the interview, I went into the bathroom and had a large black handprint on my face, courtesy of good old-fashioned Guardian newsprint.” – Anonymous/The Guardian

25. Falling Asleep 


Akkalak Aiempradit/Shutterstock

“I was interviewing for a teaching position at an elementary school, and during the interview, the principal FELL ASLEEP. I had thought the interview was going well until that point – we were having an active and engaging conversation. I remember just sort of sitting back, stunned and waiting for him to say ‘just kidding’ or something! He woke up suddenly (he really was only asleep for about a minute?), but never acknowledged it. He quickly ended the interview; they offered me the job, and then rescinded it before I could accept it – without any warning or explanation (which ended up being a good thing, because I naively would have taken the job!).” – Mermaidmadi/BuzzFeed

26. Resume Needs Updating 


Asada Nami/Shutterstock

“It finally happened, my dream job was posted on the company’s intranet. I spent hours on my application, fine-tuning each and every word, with just enough humor and just enough professionalism. Truly the best application I’ve ever written. I email it, and I got an interview the very next day. Off to dream job land.

…So yeah, I show up at the interview, give my boss-to-be a nice, firm handshake, exchange pleasantries, yet more handshakes, handshakes all around, then we hit the nearby cafè. Aaaaand it turns out I managed to send them a two-year-old DRAFT of my CV. I spent the majority of the interview explaining and filling out the two-year-long ‘gap’ in my work activity, stuttering along while fruitlessly trying to convey that this is, in fact, not an up-to-date resume, and it does not in any way reflect my work ethic. It did not go well…” – Anonymous/Reddit

27. What Is Reality?



“Back when I was still an undergraduate student of informatics, I was looking for a part-time job. I found an interesting job opening at a well-known insurance company for a part-time assistant. I sent my CV and they called me a few days later, arranging an interview with Mr. K.

I arrived at the building and entered the main office – there was no reception room. They had an open space plan with boxed offices, but everyone was gone at that time except an old man in the back. There was complete silence. The old man noticed me and stood up from his little cubicle. When he came closer, I noticed that his hair was standing on end, as if the man was experiencing great desperation or a mini-electrical shock. Half of his red tie was hanging behind his back.

He asked typical questions regarding studies and previous experience. He had a printed questionnaire full of checkboxes. He was writing down his notes as I answered. He wasn’t actually looking at me. But suddenly, he stopped and looked at me straight in the eyes. The tie fell forward and he tossed it again behind his back. Then we had the weirdest exchange:

‘Are you smart?’

‘Yes, I consider myself smart.’

‘If I considered you dumb, would you still be dumb or smart?’

‘Everyone can have their opinion, that doesn’t mean every opinion is reality though.’

‘But what is reality?’

After a few seconds of silence, he continued ticking some checkboxes and rushed to say “Thank you, Ms. T., bye!” Needless to say, I was so relieved I left that building. I was sure I wouldn’t be offered the position and I was grateful for that.” – Gina T/Resources for Employers

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