19 Easy Ways to Refresh Your Interior. 19 Examples How Small Changes Bring About Spectacular Effects

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All apartments and houses need some upgrade from time to time. We grow tired of the wall color, the roller blinds seem faded and the table top is all in scratches. This is when you need to get up, spend a few coins and change something. You have no idea how tiny changes can cause interior revolutions.

#1 Stair metamorphosis


The easiest way to refresh your stairs is to paint them. To make them look really interesting, paint only the balusters and tops.

#2 Fake marble


Cover the kitchen tops or cabinet fronts with paper imitating marble. It is going to look much more elegant.

#3 A TV frame


A flat TV does not always look good on the wall. To change it, use a frame.

The assembly is really easy


#4 Roman shades


Plastic shades are really far from trendy. Why not replace them with the Roman ones? You can also make them yourself using a desired fabric.

This tutorial briefly explains how you can do it yourself

#5 White wall decor


White walls can be decorated using white wall panels. This small change will make you feel like you were in a luxurious hotel.

#6 An upgraded faucet


Kitchen and bathroom accessories can be spray painted. Black faucets look really stylish

#7 A mirror wall


If you want a room to look bigger, cover one wall with mirrors. They might occupy even it entire area.

#8 Replacing shades


It is really easy to give an old lamp a new life. Fix new shades and paint the whole thing.

#9 A bookshelf instead of a bedhead


If you are not quite happy about your bedhead, turn it into a small library. This is how you can get extra space for books and other little things.

#10 Walls of wood


Cover one wall with wooden boards or wood-like panels. That’s how your bedroom can get some rustic look.


#11 Glass shelves


Replace standard shelves with some made of glass. They will look much more modern.

#12 Fan metamorphosis


If you have a ceiling fan lamp, why not paint it?

#13 Accessories in front of the house


Make a small wooden box and mark your house number on it. You can use it as a plant pot or mailbox.

#14 Enlarging the windows


If you want to make your windows look bigger, fix the curtain rail as close to the ceiling as possible (not right along the window frame). And choose long curtains.

#15 Renovate the baseboards


Replace standard thin boards with something thicker. All you need is some… paint. This cunning trick will bring about a stunning effect.

#16 Renew your furniture


With a bit of paint your dining room chairs and table will look brand new again. Their white color will brighten up the whole room.

#17 A strong accent


Don’t be afraid of colors! Paint your ceiling using a very intensive one.

#18 Kitchen makeover


One of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen is painting the cabinet fronts.

#19 A private gallery


Choose one wall and turn it into your private gallery with all your pictures and photos exhibited there.

Which idea did you like the most?

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