18 Low-Budget Ideas to Make Your Tiny Flat Look Much Bigger

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Decorating your flat might be a pleasure. Of course you need to remember not to overspend and clutter your house (unless it is your original intention…). Small interiors might be difficult to arrange but this is nothing you won’t be able to handle. If you want your apartment to look trendy and classy, check the inspiring images below.

#1 If you need a small and mobile table as well as some extra storage space for pots and dishes, why don’t you go for something like this?

#2 Long curtains make the room much taller.

 #3 Alternatively, you might have no curtains at all, letting in more light to give the impression of spaciousness. If you are concerned about your privacy, get some window stickers.

 #4 A big suitcase and a smaller one right next to your bed. You can store your bedsheets there and it can also be your bedside table for a lamp and books.

#5 If you don’t need much space next to your bed, instead of a big bedside cabinet simply put a small table.


#6 A patterned carpet will make your floor look more interesting and bigger.

 #7 Bright carpets reflect light and optically makes the room bigger.

 #8 Small mirrored tables match several kinds of interior. They make it look brighter and bigger.


#9 A small table with stainless steel legs looks spacious and does not block the view of the rest of the room.

 #10 Transparent chairs are similar in this respect. They seem to occupy less space and you can see other furniture through them.

 #11 If transparent chairs are not your style, why not try some in selected colour.


#12 If you want to store items you use on regular basis, a shelf is much better than a cabinet or a cupboard.


#13 A small bathroom. If you don’t have space for shelves, put up some shelves over the toilet.

#14 Do you need some neat space on your desk where everything is carefully organised? Get a desk which is a shelf at the same time.

#15 An old school cabinet fixed to the wall. Takes up little space and looks really stylish.

 #16 The same rule applies to TV cabinets. In this way you have more space on the floor and under the TV.

 #17 Mirrors are essential. Thanks to more light the room always looks brighter and bigger.


#18 Floating shelves (even the tiniest) are always recommended. Follow the rule: the more wall you see, the bigger the room seems.

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