10 Good Enough Cleaning Tips To Get You to 80% Of the Way There

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Everyone would love a clean home, but keeping a tidy house is a full-time job. However, I have great news for those who just want to keep a solid B-grade cleanliness level: You’re in luck. Recently, amateur cleaners met in an online discussion to reveal tips and hacks that ensure you’re home is always in semi-decent shape!

1. Never Leave a Room Empty-Handed

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Countless people — especially parents — acknowledge that keeping a house full of kids is challenging, but they have a secret: A good mom or dad never leaves a room empty-handed. Whether grabbing something to throw out or to put back in its place, utilizing this method is invaluable for keeping a tidy home!

2. Buy a Robotic Vacuum

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In 2023, purchasing a robot to clean for you seems like a cheat code! “Every time I leave the house, I push the button with one toe, and he cleans all the floors,” explains one man. “I bought the cheapest model possible, and he does a great job. It makes such a difference to how tidy the house looks, and it’s zero effort.” So while I’m a little weary of any person assigning a gender to a robot, I’m down with this man’s general game plan!

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3. Clean the Mess, Not the Room

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Sometimes, even the most dedicated cleaner can think too broadly. Instead of focusing on the big picture, look at the task at hand: Clean the mess, not the room. As soon as you compartmentalize your cleaning chores, you will realize it’s not only doable but doable in a timely fashion.

4. Keep a Clean Rag in the Bathroom

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Why do all the work when the magic of steam can do most of the bathroom cleaning for you? Keeping a clean rag in the bathroom and giving surfaces a quick wipe-down after you shower is one of the easiest ways to ensure the room stays spotless.

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5. Pat Yourself on the Back

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There’s nothing wrong with giving yourself an ol’ pat on the back! Positive reinforcement – even if you bestow it yourself – goes a long way in giving you the motivation needed to continue to keep your house clean despite your inner objections.

“Whenever I finish my attempt at cleaning or organizing something, I say out loud, ‘It’s better than it was,'” explains one woman. “This has really helped banish the ‘not good enough script in my head.”

6. Men, Take a Seat

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If anyone finds the underside of their toilet seat uncommonly disgusting, here’s a way to get 80% of the way to a clean toilet: Tell any man in your life to sit down when they go to the bathroom. It’ll do wonders to prevent any excessive — how can I say this — splashback.

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7. Don’t Think of Everything as a Deep Clean

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Countless people regard cleaning as a monumental task – the kind of chore you must dedicate an entire afternoon to. However, not everything has to be a “deep” clean – so adjust your thinking to make things more palatable.

“It was a vicious cycle – I wouldn’t clean for months because it was too much work, but it was so much work because I hadn’t cleaned for months,” laments one woman. “I put in minimal effort now, but guess what? It’s better than nothing!”

8. Cleaning Wipes Are Your Friend

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“I know it’s not environment friendly, but I keep containers of cleaning wipes within easy reach,” reveals one man. “I keep a small decorative basket in the living room. Anytime I get up, I toss a bunch of misplaced stuff in it and bring it to each room and put the stuff away.”

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9. Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away

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I’m guilty of using something in my home and never putting it back in its place. I know I’m not alone. Fortunately, using the mantra, “Don’t Put It Down, Put It Away,” is invaluable to creating good habits that keep everything in its place.

10. Set a Timer

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Many people express shock at how effective setting a ten-minute timer is and seeing how much cleaning you can get done in that period! When it comes to cleaning, sometimes being competitive with yourself is the easiest way to keep everything tidy.

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