Disney and Pixar’s Cars Launch ’N’ Race by Funko Games

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Racers, start your engines! Disney and Pixar’s Cars Launch ‘N’ Race is a fast-driving (fast playing!) game where children learn cooperative play, turn-taking, color matching, and some hand-eye coordination too.

This game is great for 2 players (or 2 teams) choosing either Lightning McQueen (red) or Mater (brown). The player or team that successfully completes 4 laps around the racetrack first is the winner.

After setting up the game board, players take turns practicing launching their vehicle. Getting to the launch site could propel your position on the game board, giving you a stronger chance at winning. Launching was a definite highlight throughout gameplay. Our racing fans practiced hand-eye coordination, prediction, and a hole lot of trial and error as they improved their launching techniques.

On each turn, players spin a spinner, providing options: 1) Drive your car the number indicated on the spinner, 2) Draw a Turbo card and drive +1 space, or 3) Draw a Turbo card or spin again. Using the spinner was great for teaching one-to-one number correspondence, counting, and number recognition. Turbo cards are colored, prompting a player to drive to that color spot. This worked color matching and color naming, a great preschool skill.

The game also teaches players about sportsmanship and fair play. Players are encouraged to play fairly and compete in a spirit of friendly competition. This helps develop positive social skills and can promote teamwork and cooperation.

Overall, Disney and Pixar’s Cars Launch ‘N’ Race is an excellent game. With its engaging gameplay, fun characters, and valuable preschool learning concepts like numbers and colors, it is sure to transport players to Radiator Springs for a friendly race.

Available at Funko Games, Summer 2023

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