In the News: From the Federal Government to States, Thousands in Grants Up For Grabs

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Grants from federal and state governments can play a valuable role in supporting small businesses across many industries. These grants are typically designed to provide financial assistance, resources, and support to help businesses start, grow, innovate, and recover from adverse conditions. The specific ways grants address small businesses vary depending on the industry and the government program.

This includes supporting industries critical to the country’s security, whether it is economical, technological or strategic. If you are a small business owner in one of these segments, always keep an eye out for grants from local, state, and federal government levels.

Government agencies and nonprofit organizations often offer grants to small businesses to promote growth in areas that benefit the community. For example, the federal government is currently offering grants to support the production of semiconductor materials in the United States. This critical industry is essential to the country’s economic and national security.

It’s important to note that the availability and specifics of grants can vary by country, state, and region. As a small business owner, you should stay informed about government programs, consult local economic development agencies, and regularly check official websites for updates on available grants relevant to your industry.


Small Business News June 30, 2023

In this week’s news roundup, the SBA signed a Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) with the International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA) to help reduce global trade barriers for small businesses. There is also news that builders’ confidence in the new home construction market increased for the sixth straight month. For these and other small business-related news, read more.

HostRooster Brings Retro Flair and Fresh Opportunities for Small Business Owners

Amidst a rapidly changing digital landscape, an innovative platform takes a step back to simplicity with vintage-retro design and user-friendly functionality. Meet HostRooster, a novel freelance services marketplace set to revolutionize the freelance sector.

TIME Reveals 2023 List of the 100 Most Influential Companies

The third annual TIME100 Most Influential Companies list was revealed by TIME, spotlighting an array of businesses and leaders shaping our collective future. With 42% of the listed companies employing fewer than 500 people, the announcement underscores the power and potential of small businesses in a global context.

eBay Launch ‘Collectors Camp’ for Sports Trading Card Enthusiasts

eBay recently announced the launch of ‘Collectors Camp’, a series of intensive training events targeted at sports trading card collectors who aim to elevate their collections to world-class status. The inaugural event will take place in Brooklyn, where attendees will receive premier training and insights from industry experts.

UL Warns About Unauthorized Safety Marks on Certain Battery Chargers

UL Solutions, a global leader in applied safety science, has issued an urgent warning to small business owners, especially those dealing in electric scooters, about certain battery chargers being sold with unauthorized UL Certification Marks. The battery charger in question, identified as the “FN 48V Battery Charger”, has been found to bear an unauthorized UL Certification Mark.

Adobe Scores Record Revenue in Q2 2023

Adobe Systems Incorporated (NASDAQ: ADBE) recently reported its second-quarter financial results for the fiscal year 2023. Adobe’s financial outcomes were buoyed by strong demand for their software, resulting in a record Q2 revenue. The company’s financial successes were seen across multiple domains including Creative Cloud, Document Cloud, and Experience Cloud.

Maryland Restaurant Owner Guilty of Multimillion-Dollar Tax Evasion

A Maryland restaurant owner has pleaded guilty to employment tax crimes. John Worthington, who owned and operated The Grill at Harryman House restaurant in Owings Mills, Maryland since 1995, admitted his willful failure to account for and pay over employment taxes, and to filing a false personal tax return. His actions resulted in an estimated $2.

SBA Joins Forces with ITFA to Boost Small Business Exporters

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced the signing of a Strategic Alliance Memorandum (SAM) with the International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA). The partnership aims to reduce global trade barriers for small businesses and provide education on financing methods and risk mitigation solutions to exporters and lenders.

AWS Launches $100M Generative AI Innovation Center

Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), the cloud computing subsidiary of Amazon, has announced its significant investment in the development of generative artificial intelligence (AI). With a $100 million commitment, the new AWS Generative AI Innovation Center aims to support customers and partners globally in their quest to harness the potential of generative AI.

Apple Announces Self-Service Repair Expansion

Apple has announced an expansion of its Self Service Repair program and made important updates to its System Configuration process for iPhone and Mac repairs. This is of significant interest to small businesses, particularly those dealing with electronics, repair services, or any firms heavily reliant on Apple devices for day-to-day operations.

Pinterest Boosts Advertising Capabilities for Small Businesses

Pinterest is introducing two new advertising solutions, Premiere Spotlight and Travel Catalogs. These innovative solutions are designed to augment campaign success for advertisers, opening up new opportunities for small businesses to increase their visibility and customer engagement.

Georgia Bar and Restaurant Owner Sentenced on Tax Evasion Charges

A Georgia man has been sentenced to 24 months in prison for evading taxes related to his ownership of multiple bars and a restaurant, as well as beer sales at a music festival. Eugene R. Britt III, also known as Trey Britt of Milledgeville, Georgia, engaged in a tax evasion scheme over two decades related to income from his establishments.

Deadline Looms for Power Forward Small Business Grant Applications

With only days remaining until the application deadline, the Power Forward Small Business Grant, jointly organized by VistaPrint, the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, and the NAACP, urges eligible Black-owned small businesses across New England to apply for their share of a half-million-dollar grant pool.

Snap Research Launches SnapFusion

Snap Research has revealed its latest groundbreaking model in generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology, SnapFusion, which promises to revolutionize text-to-image generation on mobile platforms. This announcement is of particular significance for small businesses that rely heavily on mobile interfaces and creative imagery to engage with their customers.

Concerns Over New Energy Dept. Rule Impacting Small Business

Congressman Roger Williams (R-TX), Chairman of the House Committee on Small Business, together with Vice Chairman Blaine Luetkemeyer (R-MO), issued a statement expressing concerns over a new regulation from the U.S. Department of Energy. The congressmen contend this new rule could potentially burden small businesses, stifle innovation, and increase operating costs.

Voicebox Unveils AI Audio Editing

Voicebox, a new generative artificial intelligence (AI) model with the potential to drastically transform audio editing, has recently been introduced to the market. This model, which goes beyond its training to perform tasks such as editing, sampling, and stylizing, is anticipated to be a game-changer for small businesses.

SBA to Host Second Annual Cybersecurity Summit

The U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) has announced it will be hosting the second annual Small Business Cyber Summit in October 2023. The summit, a free cybersecurity series, is aimed at providing America’s 33 million small businesses with the necessary tools, resources, and insights to fortify their cybersecurity infrastructure.

Comerica Bank’s New Digital Lending Platform Boosts Access to Capital for Small Businesses

Comerica Bank, in collaboration with Amount, a digitally enabled lender, has launched Comerica Small Business Convenient Capital, a fully digital, new lending platform for small businesses across the country. This ground-breaking initiative aims to streamline and accelerate the process of accessing capital, providing fast approvals and funding.

A Human’s Role in AI Development

Interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly growing. For small businesses, this type of technology offers a number of ways to scale up. To shed light on the increasing prevalence of AI, Academic Influence, academics and data scientists who work to provide objective academic rankings, has compiled a comprehensive infographic focussed on what AI needs to learn from humans.

Bank of America $500 Million Investment Bolsters Women and Minority Entrepreneur

Bank of America announced that it has exceeded $500 million in equity investments in minority- and women-led funds, a substantial increase from the initial commitment of $200 million. This move could have far-reaching implications for small business owners who typically struggle with access to capital.

Builder Confidence Increases for 6th Straight Month

Builders’ confidence in the new home construction market increased for the sixth straight month. That’s according to the Housng Market Index calculated by the National Association of Home Builders/Wells Fargo.

Adobe’s Generative AI Unlocks New Creative Opportunities for Small Businesses

Adobe, a global software solutions giant, has announced the first groundbreaking integration of its generative AI technology, Adobe Firefly, into Adobe Illustrator. Unveiled at MAX London, the latest addition – Generative Recolor (beta) – allows designers to experiment with colors in a more efficient, creative, and text-prompt-based way.

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