Candy Land - Board Game - Vintage Bookshelf Edition

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Vendor: WS Game Company
Type: Board Game
Price: 39.99

  • Candy Land is a simple racing board game in which eager young players travel along a rainbow-covered path, past the Peppermint Forest and the Gumdrop Mountain, in an effort to be first to reach Home Sweet Home.
  • To move their Gingerbread Man marker along the path, a player draws one of the simple color cards, advancing their marker to the next square of the same color.
  • There's no reading required, making this an ideal first board game for children.
  • Designed for preschoolers ages three to six.
  • Candy Land encourages socialization in playing with others, patience in waiting for one’s turn, and practice in recognizing colors, learning rules, and following directions.
  • Includes: Full-sized vintage gameboard with graphics adopted from the 1978 edition (folds up for storage), Deck of vintage cards, 4 "Frosted" plastic Gingerbread Men playing pieces, Game Instructions.
  • Bookshelf case measures 10-3/4 H x 8-1/2 W

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