10 Jumping Activities Sure to Wear Out the Kids

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Is jumping allowed in your house? We love to jump and jumping activities are a sure fire way to wear out my kids when they need it (err, when I need it…).

These are 10 quick and easy to do activities that get the kids jumping around! Its a fantastic gross motor skill that kids need to learn too!

And if jumping isn’t allowed in your house… sometime rules need to be broken in order to just let kids be kids.

My kids learned to jump anywhere from 18 months to 3 years old. I think my youngest learned quicker than the other older two since he had quite a bit of daily motivation.

Do you expect your child to sit still and be quiet and you’re not sure why its important to get the kids moving? You need to watch this video. Go on, watch it and come back to find our ten jumping activities to get kids moving.

Practice the gross motor skill of jumping with these 10 simple and fun activities that are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers still learning to jump!

Gross motor activities that get kids jumping!

Jump and pop the bubble wrap!

Jump and grab to learn! Whatever it is you’re learning, we’ve done sight words, shapes, and even matched snowflakes!

Jump across pillows, or islands! Don’t touch the lava (or water)!

Head outside to the trampoline and play a multitude of games, learning or not!

Tape 6 lines of tape on the floor, and jump away! See our 5 activities to do them here.

Print out these free arrows from And Next Comes L for an arrow jumping game.

Get out the jump rope and try these jump rope songs from Five Little Chefs.

Take the jumping outdoors on the sidewalk! Take a turn jumping while learning phonics, like The Imagination Tree, or do shapes, colors, numbers, etc.

Make an activity dice with some jumping! Get your free printable to make activity dice on Twitchetts.

Make a simple activity course with jumping stations.

Keep on jumping!

My kids have so much fun jumping! These are great activities to do on a snow day (like we’re having today). Have you seen our other activities to do on a snow day? Snow much fun!

Jumping is so great for getting energy out in toddlers and preschoolers! Try these 10 simple jumping activities at home today!

Find more gross motor activities for preschoolers here.

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