Road Trip Games for Summer Getaways

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My family took a road trip to the mountains earlier this summer, and if there was anything we needed to keep our sanity, it was road trip games. Yes, we downloaded great podcasts. Yes, we listened to a couple of audiobooks. Yes, I packed a great basket of activities for my preschool kiddo to tackle boredom. But, there were still those miles and miles of wind turbines where not just the children asked, “How much longer?”

One of the longstanding ways to pass the time on long car trips is to set up a few road trip games to keep you going. Some require extra supplies, others are spontaneous, and some build on each other daily.

Let’s look at a handful of ideal long road trip car games. Have you played any of these, or did you play them with your family growing up?

  • I Spy: One person chooses an object they can see outside the car and says, “I spy with my little eye something that is adjective or color.” The other players try to guess what the object is.
  • License Plate Bingo: Make a bingo card with different states’ license plates. As you drive, see if you can spot all 50 states on your card. Some families turn this into a digital experience and take a photo with the license plate at rest stops and bathroom breaks. It might take your whole trip, but it’s still fun to keep searching!

Download Roadtrip License Plate Game

  • The Alphabet Game: Take turns naming things that start with each alphabet letter. You can call out things you see outside the car, things in the car or anything else.
  • 20 Questions: One person thinks of an object, and the other players try to guess what it is by asking yes or no questions. Make it theme round for younger children to know what category to think in – colors, farm animals, dinosaurs, safari, etc.
  • Would You Rather?: One person asks the other players a question like, “Would you rather have a million dollars or be able to fly?” The other players have to choose one option.
  • Truth or Dare: One person asks the other players a question like, “Truth or dare?” If the player chooses truth, they must answer the question honestly. If they pick the dare option, they must do whatever the other player dares them to do. (Within reason, since you are in a car!)
  • Road Trip Bingo: Instead of numbers, players look for typical road trip sights such as a red car, a rest stop or a billboard for a restaurant chain.

Download OIA Road Trip Bingo

  • Car Karaoke: Sing along to your favorite songs on the radio. Plan ahead and make a playlist before you take off on your trip to make this easier to execute.
  • Name that Tune: Whoever rides shotgun (front passenger seat) gets to pick the song and dare a person in another seat how long it will take them to guess it.
  • Scavenger Hunt: Make a list of items for the players to find along the way. The first player to see all of the things wins. Turn it into a real competition with a fun prize.
  • Road Trip Trivia: Ask the car riders trivia questions about different topics. The player with the most correct answers wins.
  • Mad Libs: One person prompts the others to give specific types of words (like nouns, verbs and adjectives) without telling them the sentence where it goes. Once all the words are collected, they are inserted into a pre-written story to create a new, often ridiculous, tale.

Download Arkansas Mad Libs

These are just a few ideas to get you started. There are endless possibilities for road trip games, so get creative and have fun. Oh and don’t let the grandparents, crazy aunt or too-cool dad get out of any of the fun. They might say this is not their thing, but they have no idea the memories you are about to make.

Here’s a fun This or That printable to get you started. Save the image to your phone’s photo gallery, or right-click and print so you are ready to play on the road.

Download This or That – SUMMER

But where should you go? Of course, you could tackle some extensive family list of destinations, but Arkansas is at the top of many families’ summer bucket lists, so why not add it to yours?

Summer Road Trip Destinations in Arkansas

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