My experiments on myself this training cycle…

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(shoes, socks, shorts, tank, bra)

Workout day! It felt so good to be back together!

I always reset my watch with a new training block because it is so fun to see new records again.
A stop for calories and hydration occurred.

Twelve miles @ 7:27 average. 2-mile w/u, 3-mile tempo (6:06 pace), 1 mile easy, 1 MTC mile (the downhill mile we do often in 5:15), c/d. I felt really good for the first time post-marathon.

I have a few experiments I’m running on myself for the rest of the year… I love trying to find out exactly what works best for my training, and so I love trying out new things:

*I’m going to run less mileage. Life is busy right now, and I think I’ll run faster with less mileage (along with biking too)! The load of life right now and 80 miles per week was just too much. I’m enjoying feeling so much more energy with less mileage lately.

*Taking my w/u, c/d, and recoveries slower during workouts. For the last few months, I’ve been trying my hardest to stay up with the faster group during those portions of the workout, but I think taking those portions slower will allow me to run faster.

*I’m returning to doing all my workouts in shoes other than the Nike Vaporfly like I did before Boston 2022. I feel like the Vaporfly is my fastest shoe, and I want to save them for races now. I think switching my shoes around for workouts will help strengthen my legs/feet and then come race day, it will feel like a treat to have my Vaporflys on and help me to run my fastest on the days that actually matter–> race day.

BUT, I will say the Adizero and Saucony Endorphin Pro 3 are a very close second place for speed. These were so much fun to run in yesterday. I want to do a few more workouts in them before I write a review, but the foam on these kept making me smile. As long as I wear taller socks with them (I bled on the back the first time I wore them), my feet and body are in heaven.

Skye Jo graduated from preschool.
The whole family came to celebrate her achievement.

She is really going to miss this school… they had lake days, fishing days, yoga, crafts galore, animals that visited, picnics, and most importantly for Skye and her best friend… time in the dirt getting as dirty as they possibly could.

It was a short but sweet graduation with games and snacks afterward!

Skye requested rice bowls afterward and we met up with my in-laws to eat lunch outside.

They started working on our fireplace!
I’ve kept them alive for over a day now so I’m feeling accomplished.
We finished up at the park and the kids wanted to do hill sprints…
And Beck’s life was made when the motorcycle cop waved at him.

Any experiments you are running on yourself regarding health/nutrition/training?  AKA any changes you are making?

Are gels easy or hard for you to take?

-They are always hard when I haven’t taken many for a bit but then I get used to them quickly.

Have a middle name?  What is it?


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