Music Themed Activities for Kids

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Why is learning music important for kids?

Music has a positive effect on brain development! 

There are so many benefits of music on child development. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Inside this post we share why learning music is important to kids! We also give you four simple music themed activities to try and a printable activity plan! 

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Benefits of Music on Child Development

Music is important in the early years, as it affects children’s intelligence and emotions, and helps them develop their skills, including:

  • Early language development
  • An increased ability to learn foreign languages
  • Improved mood and emotional regulation
  • Physical endurance
  • Patience and discipline
  • Gross and fine motor skills
  • Ability to recognize small differences between sounds (auditory discrimination)
  • Cooperation and cross-cultural awareness
  • Improved memory and concentration
  • Self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-expression
  • Higher scores on standardized tests such as the SATs

(Source: School of Rock)

Babies and children can benefit from music, so start introducing it early! There are so many different things you can teach your kids about music. Here are a few things we’ve enjoyed exploring.

Music related things to talk about with/teach your kids:

  • Talk about different sounds and explore them in your environment.
  • Teach kids about different instruments and try them out.
  • Read books about various musicians.
  • Talk about rhythm & dance/clap along to some of your favorite music.
  • Talk about how you feel when you hear different songs/types of music.
  • Practice repeating sounds and phrases and having kids repeat them back to you. Try out some echo songs.
  • Sing songs together!
  • Use percussion instruments to keep time.
  • Make instruments and play them together to music. 
  • Teach kids round songs where they can each take a different part and work together.


As with anything, children learn best through play. Music can be explored in your home through playful activities and open-ended play!

Teach Kids to Explore Music Skills in Simple Ways!

Learning about music doesn’t need to be complicated. Introduce music to kids in fun ways!

We have 4 simple activities you can use to explore music with your kids this week!

This music activity guide includes…

  • Some simple things to talk about/show kids
  • A supply list for the activities
  • 4 simple music themed activities
  • Movie & book ideas

** Some of the activities, books, and movie titles are clickable on the plan and will direct you to a YouTube read aloud or Amazon rental link (not affiliate links).

Music Themed Activities for Kids
Here are four simple music themed activities to try this week. More details about each activity are included in the activity plan.




1. Go on a Sound Scavenger Hunt


Music is everywhere! Everything around us makes sounds. Encourage kids to start using their ears to listen and see what they hear.

GO HERE for Sound Scavenger Hunt details!







2. Make Homemade Instruments

You can make instruments with simple things you have around the house! Once you’re done, make a family band!





3. Play Name that Instrument

This simple game exposes kids to a variety of instruments and new vocabulary words.
4. Make a Music Sensory Bin

Shake, bang, and tap while you explore this easy to set up sensory bin!

Go HERE for Music Sensory Bin details!

Download Printable Music Skills Activity Plan HERE

Did you know that June is Black Music Month?

It’s is an annual celebration of African-American music in the United States. It was started as Black Music Month by President Jimmy Carter on June 7, 1979 who declared that June would be the month of Black music.

In honor of Black Music Month, we’re also sharing some awesome resources with you in our activity plan that can help introduce kids to some fabulous Black musicians.

Dolisha at Little Black Book Nook shares so many great ideas! She is a curriculum specialist that promotes social emotional learning, inclusion, and social justice through books. Follow Little Black Book Nook on IG here.
We read the books What a Wonderful World, Get Up Stand Up, and He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands via YouTube.
Then we listened to each song related to the book and talked about what the messages were.
Do you have any other favorite books that share about Black musicians? Please tell us in the comments!



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