Bizyboo: Car Rides will Never be the Same Again

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Disclosure: I received some Bizyboo samples to help facilitate the review. All opinions stated are genuine and my own.

Once upon a time, in a land where car rides seemed to stretch on forever, lived a kid named Oliver. Oliver was embarking on a particularly looong journey with his family, and he couldn't help but feel bored out of his mind. The hours ticked by, and the scenery outside the car window seemed to blur into a monotonous blur of trees and fields.

Oliver sighed dramatically, slumping in his seat. "Are we there yet?" he whined, for what felt like the hundredth time. His parents exchanged an amused glance and shook their heads, knowing all too well the familiar tune of impatience that accompanies long trips.

Just when Oliver was about to succumb to an endless cycle of sighing and fidgeting, his mom pulled out a bright and colorful plushie. "Hey, Oliver, look what I found!" she exclaimed, wiggling the bag enticingly. "It's a Bizyboo Hide 'n Seek Busy Bag!"

The car ride suddenly transformed from a dull journey into a delightful game of hide and seek. Oliver's boredom had vanished, replaced by laughter and the joy of discovery. The plush toy became his faithful companion, joining in the adventure as the car journey became an unforgettable and now-enjoyable escapade.

If that sounds like a good car ride to you, head on over to your local Walmart to pick up a Bizyboo or two. They come in 12 different characters, all with a placard that shows both visually and in writing what needs to be found. Among the items to be located will also be the letters that spell out your particular Bizyboo character's name.

These Hide 'n Seek Busy Bags are geared toward the preschool crowd, but I've found that even the tween enjoys doing this (especially on car rides), and it's a unique way to get the kids to bond too, if one is watching another, or if they are finding the items together. From find-it books, to printables, to toys, I've always enjoyed this kind of activity, and I LOVE that it now comes in the form of a plushie.

"BIZYBOO Hide ’N Seek Busy Bags are fun way for kids ages 2 to 5 to improve their fine motor skills, concentration and problem-solving abilities. Plus, they are a great way to keep them busy on trips, in a waiting room or a restaurant!"

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