A Week In The Life – New Routines + Go Dawgs!

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Happy almost Friday. This week has passed in a blur of training clients, teaching yoga and momming. I’ve been establishing some new routines in the new year so it’s been a bit of an adjustment.

First, my parenting schedule with Finn changed. This was ultimately a good thing for all involved but a challenge to get used to after being on the other schedule for three years.

Second, I am back to personal training and doing early sessions two mornings a week when I don’t have Finn. I’m remembering what it’s like to prep for a 5a alarm the night before by packing a bag with multiple outfit changes and food. I’m struggling with sleep a little as I get anxious at night about getting enough sleep and if I’ll wake up for my alarm. I did this early morning rodeo for many, many years pre-Finn so I know I’ll settle in. It’s all good and I’m excited about the new routine!

Alrighty. Let’s take a deeper dive into what life looked like over here this week.


I spent Monday evening cheering on my Georgia Bulldogs in the college football national championship game. It was incredible to see this amazing team finish a 15-0 season in such a dominating and powerful way. Kirby Smart has built something really special with our football program at Georgia and I so respect the way he leads. I was a huge, huge fan of his predecessor Mark Richt but it’s been great to finally get that Natty under Coach Smart. It is truly GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog!

I am going to miss having Stetson Bennett IV at QB but excited to see what the future holds for the Dawgs!

Even though it was a blowout, I watched the entire game. It was a low-key watch party as I had early clients the next morning but these dogs kept me company! 🙂


candy land party

My sweet boy is living his best life. He went on a fun ski trip with his dad over New Year’s and had the coolest Candy Land-themed party with his nanny the day after he got home. She went all out with the Candy Land decor and had a real-life Candy Land game set up in the yard, along with special snacks crafts and snacks. Definitely an idea if you’re looking for a play date or birthday party theme! All of the rainbow colors were so bright and cheery.

Finn was with me last weekend and the highlight of our Saturday was a birthday party for one of his preschool friends. This kid lives for bounce houses and was nonstop with his friends for two hours on this thing. I enjoyed chatting with the other parents – especially since some of our kiddos have been in school together for a few years now.

wearing the lululemon half-zip scuba hoodie

Finn dropped naps shortly after his third birthday but he will still take them very occasionally. He fell asleep in the car on the way to my appointment at Greenapple Sports on Wednesday and slept all the way through me getting him out of the car and into the office. I typically try to see Dr. Goodman or Dr. Bradberry every 2-3 weeks but my last visit was mid-November. Oops.

They have been INSTRUMENTAL in helping me manage my hip impingement and labral tear non-surgically. Truly, I’m 3+ years into a diagnosis where I was told by two surgeons that I needed surgery and my hip feels better than it has in 10 years. I owe you guys an update post on managing my hip injury!

And cute story for you – I took Finn to the gym with me last Sunday. He did a great job chilling in a little corner I set up for him while I worked out but I promised him we could finish the workout with “races” on the turf. He told me we were going to do 10 races. After the last one he said, “Mommy, I’m super duper luper sweaty and I need to hit the shower.” I had to laugh at that one – can definitely tell he’s growing up with parents in the fitness industry.


private selection ice cream

I told Finn that we had to “hit the grocery store” before we hit the shower after Sunday’s workout and I was thrilled to find that they Breyers and Private Selection ice creams were buy one, get one free. As y’all know, I’ve been on a huge ice cream kick and Finn loves a bowl of chocolate ice cream at night after dinner. I’ve been hooked on Jeni’s but let me tell you – this Private Selection ice cream is a third of the price and just about as good. I am so blown away by the creamy texture. Private Selection is Kroger’s store brand and also available at Harris Teeter now that they’re part of the Kroger family.

chocolate chip cookies

We’ve also been doing some cookie baking. I made oatmeal cranberry white chocolate and chocolate chip cookies last weekend. Hot tip: store your freshly baked cookies in the freezer. I think they’re delicious frozen (especially the chocolate chip) but you can also pop them in the microwave for a few seconds to bring them to room temp or warm.


Barrys Charlotte

Speaking of workouts, I was able to jump into a lunch class at Barry’s with James last Friday. James has been a part of the Charlotte fitness world for years now but our paths have just recently crossed in a professional and Barry’s kind of way. He recently joined our training staff at Metro Fitness Club and it’s been fun to be training alongside him. He’s a phenomenal trainer and instructor – can’t wait to take his class at Barry’s again soon!


terra Jenkins hair

Hair day is my favorite day. As much as I want to believe that my grays are gone forever when I get my roots done – those pesky things come back. I am seeing my hairstylist every six weeks at this point but loving the shade of brown that we’re doing and the fresh blowout that I can stretch out 4-5 days.

Terra and I were chatting during my appointment about how January was the busiest month in my industry and the slowest in hers so we wanted to offer you guys 10% off any service that you book with her in the month of January. Here’s the link to her Instagram where you can view her work and there’s a link to book online. She’s located in South Charlotte at Carmel and 51. I followed her from another salon to opening her own business and it’s been an honor to support her!


Lastly, I had the most fun night out last weekend. I went to see a Phish cover band at Divine Barrel in NoDa and both the band and the vibe were so good! Tbh, I’ve always been more of a Widespread fan than a Phish fan but this was great and makes me feel like I need more live music in my life again. I have tickets to Vance Joy in April and I’m soooooooo excited.

That does it for today. Have the best Friday and weekend my friends!


Have you made any changes to your routine in the new year? 

Are you taking any group fitness/exercise classes right now? 

Have you seen any shows/concerts lately? Any planned? 

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