6 indoor games for young children from UNICEF’s Child Development experts

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Early moments matter in a child’s development.

When young children play, they exercise their vibrant imaginations and boost their creativity. Even in the simplest of children’s games, there is much more going on than meets the eye. Through play children learn the skills that will equip them for life’s challenges — like how to solve problems or why it’s important to share and other social skills that will help them navigate our complex world.

Globally, UNICEF works to support children in their early years as it is a time of incredible brain growth and development never repeated. Alongside adequate nutrition and nurturing care, play has a vital role in giving children the best possible start in life.

While the 6 activities below sound like fun and games, they are all informed by our play-based approach to early childhood development and are designed to help your little one… Read the rest

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