130 Pics That Prove Japan Is Unlike Any Other Country (New Pics)

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Often, when we see a particularly innovative or cute design, our brains jump to ‘Japan.’ The East Asian nation has a well-deserved reputation for clever designs and blending the traditional and modern. 

Scroll down and enjoy this peak into some of the most unique ways that Japan does things. Visitors tend to come away with stories of technological wonders and adorable devices. Check out the neatest ideas you can find in Japan and be sure to upvote your favorites and let us know which you would love to see in your country. 

We had the opportunity to speak to two seasoned travelers about Japan and ask some questions regarding travel tips and Japanese culture.

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#1 There Was A Sales Car Of KFC Without Any Salesman

Image credits: shanghaineko

#2 People In Japan Lined Up With Social Distance To Use The Smoking Room In The Office Building Where I Work In

Image credits: conradbilly

#3 This Beautiful Statue In Sendai, Japan

Image credits: ko_ref

Shannon O'Donnell from the travel blog A Little Adrift was kind enough to talk to us about visiting Japan. “Japan is among the most fascinating countries travelers could visit—it's a thoroughly modern country with a culture completely dissimilar to much of the West. You don't find that combination in many other countries. For this reason, I think it's a fantastic spot for adventurous first-time travelers, but tricky for most who don't have their "travel legs," so to speak. You're facing potential culture shock—Tokyo is a bustling, fascinating city that never stops moving, and some pretty strong written and spoken language barriers—English-language penetration is low even in fairly touristy areas.”

“That said, the Japanese offer unparalleled hospitality, the extensive train system is a breeze to use, and travelers never lack for incredible food. So while there are clearly a number of countries in Europe and other areas that are easier for first-time travelers, those with a sense of adventure will find that Japan offers an unmatched travel experience. ” In fact, Shannon believed that the entire world could learn from Japan’s absolutely fantastic rail network, which she described as “fast, clean, and efficient.”

#4 Speaker Shrine In Japan That You Can Bluetooth Your Own Audio To

Image credits: TimmyWeahIsMyDad

#5 This Road Looks Like A Rollercoaster

Image credits: _deepsky

#6 This Kyoto Station Has 12 Floors Of Escalators

Image credits: Paganator

We also had the honor to interview the experts at Boutique Japan about visiting it as a first-time traveler. “Japanese people are so friendly and hospitable to visitors (and it's an extraordinarily safe country). There are so many other aspects of traveling around Japan that make it so traveler-friendly, for example, the fact that everything runs so smoothly and efficiently (bullet trains always being on time as just one example!)” 

#7 Rice Field Art In Japan

Image credits: kojiii_photo1201

#8 The Trains In Japan Have "Women Only" Space

Image credits: DEEP_SEA_MAX

#9 This Japanese Claw Machine Lets You Win A Cheesecake

Image credits: tallcherry

“I find that people in Japan tend to practice mindfulness in daily life, without being pretentious about it. There is a culture of respect in Japan that our travelers always comment on. Wherever you go (whether a fancy restaurant or a convenience store), the service is amazing because people tend to take such care in everything they do,” they added when we asked what the rest of the world could learn from Japan. 

#10 Chiba Urban Monorail In Japan

Image credits: yu6101_photo

#11 I Tried One Of The Best Capsule Hotels In Tokyo

Image credits: stevescoop

#12 This Robot Delivering Food At Gusto Near Seibu Chichibu Station

Image credits: Akki8888

‘Geography is destiny’ is a quote often attributed to Napoleon and it seems applicable to the history of Japan. Island nations are often more insular and the rulers of Japan took this to the extreme. Between the 16th and 19th century, the country was cordoned off to foreigners by law while Japanese people were prohibited from leaving. 

Even though Japan has been ‘open’ to the world for over a century, it remains a surprisingly homogenous nation. Nearly 99% of the population are ethnically Japanese. All in all, this created a culture in many ways unaffected by outside influence. And, as the pictures here might indicate, it really shows! 

#13 This Japanese Restaurant Has A Tiny Mountain Fuji In The Base Of Their Glasses

Image credits: ssladam

#14 I Spotted This Bus For Preschool Kids In Nagoya

Image credits: AndrewJamesMD

#15 A Bookstore In Matsumoto City

Image credits: adam_364

Japanese design tends to follow a few core principles. Simplicity is actually seen as a great virtue, though this may seem strange when your server is a robot or when one travels by bullet train! This is best seen in certain elements of Japanese cuisine. Sushi traditionally emphasized the purity of the fish, which is ideally served as fresh as possible.

#16 The Women's Bathroom At My Nearby Mall In Japan

Image credits: Personwhoisfriendly

#17 An Umbrella Sky In Metsa Village, Japan

Image credits: wakaponpoco

#18 Japanese Government Sends Individuals Quarantining At Home, Free Care Packages. This Is How Much I Got

Image credits: FriedCheeseCurdz

What might strike some readers as unusual is the idea of ‘Fukinsei’ or asymmetry. The idea is to find balance between regular patterns and the unexpected. This is also an important concept in Zen philosophy, as imperfection is seen as a natural part of life to be embraced. Look around you. Many examples of natural beauty are actually quite asymmetrical.

#19 Pikachu-Themed Train In Japan

Image credits: jreast.co.jp

#20 A Fire Hydrant In Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: andrewface

#21 I Went To Shinjuku And Saw The Coolest Advertisement Display

Image credits: attackonterrence

#22 Japanese Hospital Food

People asked me to post pictures of the food I got during my hospital stay (6 days), so here it is. Only two months after the baby was born. Also, I completely lost my appetite while I was in the hospital and didn't manage to eat most of the food, which was very upsetting.

Image credits: JenkinsInJapan

#23 I Found This Locker Area In A Science Museum. Nagoya, Japan

Image credits: ArttuHenrikk

#24 This Bag Of Spider Snacks You Can Buy At The Supermarket In Tokyo

Image credits: Rayraegah

#25 Extra Train Seat In Japan

Image credits: King_Shami

#26 Flower Field In Hokkaido, Japan

Image credits: kyoko1903

#27 Night Bus In Japan

Image credits: sauntm

#28 Curved Escalator In Japan

Image credits: SteveSilva

#29 Edo Era Starbucks

Image credits: Nomadic_Gaijin

#30 Sewer Cover In Osaka, Japan

Image credits: SpaceMasala

#31 This Phone Booth In Osaka

Image credits: coffyrocket

#32 Starbucks In Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: RoninTokyo

#33 This Pizza Place In Japan Has Been Counting Pizzas For 60 Years

Image credits: hyogodan

#34 These Dots On My Beer Can. In Braille, It Says Alcohol

Image credits: Sammy1406

#35 I Love The Customized Manhole Covers In Japan. They Have It In Each Locality Around

Image credits: JonathanHsy

#36 Costco In Japan Has A Sushi Section

Image credits: SDBJJ

#37 The Elevator In This Japanese Apartment Has A Container With Food, Water, And A Portable Toilet In Case Of Malfunction

Image credits: frenchhorn_empire

#38 A Chopstick Store In Kappabashi Street, Tokyo

Image credits: DazzleMeAlready

#39 In Japan, There's A Privacy Button That Plays Sound In The Background Of The Toilet So That No One Would Hear Your Business

Image credits: Natsumi_xy

#40 Landscape-Friendly Vending Machine

Image credits: ekimemo_kinako

#41 3D Coffee Art

Image credits: HannahDax

#42 City Lights Of Nagano Seen Through The Thick Fog At Night

Image credits: onotch.x

#43 I Climbed Mountain Fuji Yesterday, And Someone Ordered Domino's Pizza

Image credits: fatmanairsoft

#44 Some Grocery Carts In Japan Are Designed To Stack Everything Vertically, And To Cut Down On Aisle Congestion

Image credits: tananda7

#45 A Honey Dispenser At A Hotel In Japan

Image credits: ImprobableValue

#46 This Fake Food Shop In Kapabashi Street, Tokyo

Image credits: DazzleMeAlready

#47 Only Japan Airports Arrange Luggages By Color

Image credits: erictts

#48 Today I Lived Out One Of My Dreams And Drove Around Tokyo As A Mario Kart Character In A Go Kart

Image credits: You_Neek

#49 These Fruit-Shaped Bus Stops

Image credits: june_et_septembre

#50 Today I Came Across Some Honey, Infused With Japanese Hornets

Image credits: zaphod777

#51 Japanese Washing Machines Comes With Suction Devices To Reuse Bath Water

A general practice within Asian cultures is that baths are not used for cleaning yourself but just for soaking. It saves you time and money.

Image credits: SantyClawz42

#52 Compressed Japanese T-Shirt

Image credits: laner95

#53 In Japan, There Are Eggs Benedict-Flavored Pringles

Image credits: flamingmagic

#54 A U-Shaped Road That Jumps Out Into The Sea

Image credits: S_Cub85CM

#55 Japanese Grocery Store. Healthy Packaged Meals For As Low As $2.30

Image credits: sysifuscorp

#56 This Is One Photo Of A Camping Store, "Upi Omotesando" In Tokyo

Image credits: theroors223

#57 Table For One At A Japanese Restaurant

Image credits: ckalmond

#58 Raw Horse Meat-Flavored Potato Chips In Japan

Image credits: wolf_boi_

#59 Shopping Mall Food Court In Japan Offers Napkins To Wipe Tables. After Cleaning, Everyone Unfolds Their Used Napkins And Stacks Them Neatly

Image credits: ryo13silvia

#60 This Toilet Refills With Water For Flushing As You Wash Your Hands

Image credits: jeango

#61 The "Toy Story" Woody Transformer, Seen In Tokyo Disney Sea Park

Image credits: grimad

#62 This Building In Tokyo With Plants Growing On The Walls

Image credits: zOneNzOnly

#63 Hotel In Tokyo Has A Free Smartphone To Use While Being There

Image credits: vontoque

#64 To Boost The Economy, Japan Gives Out Free Money Coupons To Use In Local Supermarkets And Restaurants If You Are In-Country Traveling

Image credits: ScarletWitchfanboy__

#65 The Japanese Government Sends A Care Package If You Have Covid. This Is For A Family Of 2 In Tokyo

Image credits: TheGreatMattsby

#66 A School In Japan Came Out With New Uniforms For Students Who Liked Neither Skirts Nor Pants

Image credits: inlgyment

#67 Taking Historic Architecture Into Account When Adding Vending Machines

Image credits: urbex_34

#68 Whale Meat In Japan. Now They Even Sell Whale Meat In Vending Machines

Image credits: inlgyment

#69 Traditional Wedding Ceremony In Tokyo, Japan

Image credits: NetAdministrative239

#70 If You Have A Cup Of Noodles In Japan, You'll Get Cats On The Inside Of The Lids. However, At A 6% Chance, You'll Get A Tibetan Fox. Middle Right

Image credits: sinmantky

#71 The Zauo Fishing Restaurant In Japan, Where Customers Can Catch Their Own Fish And It Also Has Seating Areas Shaped Like Boats

Image credits: zauojapan

#72 A Train With Children's Seats And A Cafe

Image credits: ShirakawaGo

#73 Whale Meat In Japan. It Shocks So Many Foreigners

Image credits: Pyhtych

#74 I Saw This Awesome Sewer Cover While Walking In Tokyo

Image credits: skineal

#75 The Beer-Flavored Water In Japan

Image credits: straightupeats

#76 Gum In Japan Comes With Little Sheets Of Paper To Wrap Around And Throw It Away Cleanly

Image credits: s7rugg1e

#77 My Human Dad Waiting Next To A LEGO Dad In A Department Store In Japan

Image credits: Coraline84

#78 My Favorite Shop Sign In Kyoto

Image credits: hannahbanhannah

#79 Japanese Hotel Gives You A Phone To Travel With Just In Case You Don't Have Access To Yours

Image credits: crx04

#80 I Never Thought The Time Would Come When I Would Give A Presentation In The Train Station. This Is How It Looks Like Inside

Image credits: ONODA_in_Onodac

#81 The Playground In Shizuoka Park

Image credits: _szuna

#82 The Butter In Japan Is Pre-Sliced

Image credits: comiekilla

#83 This Decorated Japanese Train

Image credits: Crazy-Nights

#84 Gundam Factory In Yokohama

Image credits: attackonterrence

#85 Pavilion Tokyo 2021. An Interesting Tea House In The Middle Of The City

Image credits: mazterz

#86 A Building Called "The Face House" In Kyoto, Japan

Image credits: demas

#87 The Godzilla Surprised Me When I Turned Around The Corner

Image credits: Tomtoro24

#88 So Amazing To See Diver City With A Gundam Statue

Image credits: Tomtoro24

#89 Probably The Most Beautiful Hotel I Have Ever Been Too. Aizu Ashinomaki Onsen, Okawaso, Fukushima

Image credits: DaeronOP

#90 This Automated Car Delivering Groceries

Image credits: Akki8888

#91 Mini Japanese Garden Between Seats On A Train To Kyoto

Image credits: firreflly

#92 Japanese Grocery Stores Sells Pre-Poured Wine Glasses

Image credits: burgerthrow1

#93 Japanese Men Reading Manga At 7-Eleven During Their Lunch Break

Image credits: Camanei

#94 This Torii Gate Looks Like It's Out Of A Video Game, But It's Real And Awesome To Check Out At Night

Image credits: Nomadic_Gaijin

#95 Ah Yes, I'll Have A Cup Of Ramen With My Whiskey

Image credits: heterochromia_cat

#96 These Sausages From Costco Japan Comes With Bones

Image credits: Archawn

#97 Fourth Floor Escape Hoist In The Hotel's Laundry Room

Image credits: Iskaban

#98 These Are Refrigerated Lockers To Store Your Groceries. Saw This At The Airport In Hokkaido, Japan

Image credits: marukori

#99 Shopping Carts In Japan Have An Umbrella And Cane Holder

Image credits: PiqueB

#100 A Bloom Of Jellyfishes On The Beach Near My Home In Southern Japan

Image credits: Japesthetank

#101 This Hook-Shaped Restroom Door Handle So You Wouldn't Need To Use Your Hands

Image credits: ezjoz

#102 This Bakery In Japan Puts Their Leftover Bread In A Vending Machine To Sell After Hours

Image credits: hello297

#103 Train Station In My Town Has A Line For Visually Impaired People

Image credits: Doryael

#104 This Priest Is Blessing A Land In Tokyo Before A Couple Breaks Ground For Their New House

Image credits: bruceleeperry

#105 This Packaged Egg In Tokyo

Image credits: meeeegusta

#106 Train Seats In Osaka Have This Pattern To Remind You To Offer Your Seat To The People That Need It More

Image credits: istareatplants

#107 This Bench In Yokohama Is Slanted Inward, Which Causes The Users To Awkwardly Slide To The Middle

Image credits: pkkprotector

#108 I Found This At My Host Family's House In Japan

Image credits: CastYourBread

#109 School Lunch In Japan. The Christmas Edition

Image credits: Hahnter

#110 This Is How The Train With Nobinobi Open-Plan Sleeping Area Looks Like

Image credits: ShirakawaGo

#111 Universal Studios In Japan Sells Shark Meat Nuggets

Image credits: burgerthrow1

#112 Public Facilities In Japan Have An Umbrella Rack At The Entrance

Image credits: ToyamaTakanawa

#113 In Japan, Almost Every Bookstore Gives Book Covers So That No One Will Know What You Are Reading On The Bus

Image credits: ferdalangurinn

#114 Some Subways In Japan Have Ramps For Bikes To Help While Climbing The Stairs

Image credits: PidgeonSmidgeon

#115 Japanese People Love Curry So Much That You Can Stumble Upon A "Bookstore" And Then Realize That The Books On The Shelves Are Not Books, But All Kinds Of Curry

Image credits: ferdalangurinn

#116 Reduced Tax Rate At Movie Theaters In Japan. You Can't Eat Snacks Before Entering The Theater, But You Can Eat During The Movie

Image credits: g_dendou

#117 These White Strawberries In Japan

Image credits: TheDanimal8888

#118 Some Little Buddhist Figures Called "Jizo" Are Especially Popular In Japan

The Jizo statue is the guardian of children who died before their parents. The Children can't cross the river to the afterlife because they haven't done enough good deeds and made their parents suffer. That's why they spent their days making towers of stones to help gain merit for their parents in their afterlife.

Image credits: Yuurei_27

#119 Meat Vending Machine In Kyoto

Image credits: silentorange813

#120 A Bottle Of Soup Stock With A Fish Inside In Osu, Nagoya

Image credits: duckbutcher

#121 The Ichigaya Fish Center In Tokyo

Image credits: yumeryuu

#122 A Cat-Themed Train With Onboard Library In Japan

Image credits: allanwritesao

#123 Japanese Bartender Breaking Apart 10,000-Year-Old Block Of Permafrost Ice From Antarctica

Image credits: Nukemarine

#124 This Japanese Bakery Makes Cakes That Look Like Beer Or Cocktails

Image credits: _kaedama_

#125 Kusatsu Onsen. Ubatake Hot Springs Cooling Outlet

Image credits: Darnoc777

#126 Oedo Onsen Tokyo's Hot Spring-Themed Park Will Be Closing Soon, So I Made Sure To Stop By Yesterday. Very Cool Place

Image credits: Nomadic_Gaijin

#127 I Love The Food Displays In Japan

Image credits: givemekbbq

#128 This Sriracha Vending Machine I Stumbled Upon In Japan

Image credits: sbako1

#129 Japan's Advanced Pillow Technology

The light side of the pillow is softer, and the darker side is firmer. Also, the pillow could be rolled or flattened depending on how the person likes to sleep.

Image credits: reddit.com

#130 Japan Has A Star Wars-Themed Plane

Image credits: SDBJJ

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