Hairspray Stash Can

Hairspray Stash Can

  • $9.99


The hairspray is another well made and popular hidden diversion safes, known for its versatility. Indistinguishable from the real thing, the false bottom rim twists off to reveal the storage compartment hidden in the center bottom of the spray can. This hidden safe is constructed from an authentic 11 oz can of hairspray, with the real removable cap, spray nozzle and all. Each can was cleverly weighted so that it feels like an authentic aerosol spray can with liquid inside of it.


  • AUTHENTIC - Made from a real 11 oz Suave Hairspray can. This stash can is great for hiding valuables in your bathroom, luggage or household/office cleaning cabinets.
  • WEIGHTED TO FEEL LIKE A REAL CAN OF LIQUID - The can is cleverly constructed to be weighted and make sounds as any other aerosol can would make when shaken
  • HIDE YOUR VALUABLES in plain sight with this popular stash can. Having a spare can of hairspray in your bathroom cabinet or in your gym bag or car is completely normal. Nobody would suspect that your valuables could be hidden inside.
  • HIDDEN COMPARTMENT is accessed by unscrewing the false bottom aluminum lid. The top cap of the can comes off and the nozzle underneath actually works as well.
  • INCLUDES 4.5” x 3” HumanFriendly smell-proof bag to keep your valuables even more safe and secure. Having a bag inside helps to keep hard items from clunking around.